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You've probably got plenty of questions about your bra and underwear. If you haven't looked at the rest of our guides answering the most important lingerie questions, you can find them here.

Our guides include:

How to Measure Bra Size

How Should a Bra Fit?

How to Measure For a Sports Bra

How to Wash Underwear

What Bra Style is Best For Me?

Boob Shapes Explained

Anything that isn't covered here, you can find below! If you've got a question that we've missed, let us know and we'll add it right in. 

What is the Average Bra Size?

You might be wondering, what’s the biggest bra size, what’s the smallest bra size or what’s 'average'? Well, the average size in the UK is 36D, but in Europe, it's 34C. The largest bra size is 102 ZZZ (made official by a Guinness World Record!) and the smallest bra size is typically a 28 band and A - AAA cup.

So, no matter what size your boobs are, we promise that it’s normal! Our bodies come in so many different shapes and sizes, and that’s what makes us beautiful.

At BraForMe, we have a wide range of bras from an A-K cup and 28-52 chest size, so we can help you out no matter your size. We do pride ourselves on inclusivity after all!

Where Can I Get Measured For a Bra?

With our guide to How to Measure For Bra Size, you can measure your boobs from the comfort of your own home. All you need is your measurements and our size chart. If you don’t feel confident with this, any lingerie store or boutique will have its own fitting service. Do be careful though, as many places have differing ways of sizing.

Does Not Wearing a Bra Cause Sagging?

The reality is that yes, without proper support and uplift, your boobs will sag over time. Not wearing a bra can cause breast tissue to stretch and sag, but it's also not guaranteed to protect you from this entirely, as sagging can also come down to a number of other factors, such as genes and biology.

Our best advice is to invest in a bra that properly supports and protects your boobs, as this will help them to stay in place and keep you comfortable. Whilst you should wear it every day (this is purely your choice), make sure that you don't wear it to sleep.

How to Put a Bra On:

Whilst you might think getting a bra properly on is common knowledge, it actually isn’t. We’ve all got to learn from somewhere…

  1. Firstly, place your arms through the straps.
  2. Then put the bra over your boobs, reaching to the back to grip the clasps together.
  3. Make sure your boobs are nicely scooped into the cups, with the nipples in the centre. Viola! 

How to Take a Bra Off:

Most bras are fastened at the back by two horizontal straps meeting together with hook-and-eye closures. The easiest way to undo the bra is to pinch each side of the straps together and slide the hooks out of the eyelets. Once this is undone, slide the bra off!


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