What is a Balcony Bra?

You’ve probably seen the terms 'balcony bra' or 'balconette' lingering on every lingerie site... Actually, you definitely have. It is one of the most popular bra styles after all! But what is a balcony bra? Well, a balcony bra is:

  • Designed with wider straps, joining at the side instead of the centre
  • Made with lower cups which work to create a more rounded shape
  • Known for anchorage and uplift
  • Typically underwired to enhance support 
  • Less coverage than a full cup, without compromising on support
  • Perfect for wearing under low-cut clothing
  • Fantastic for all shapes and sizes, especially those with a fuller bust

The first balcony bra design stems back to the 1930s, but it was Marilyn Monroe that really made it popular in the 1950s. This association with Marilyn tells you everything you need to know about the bra's everlasting style and impact on lingerie history... Très chic!

How Should a Balcony Bra Fit?

Here's all you need to know about how a balcony bra should fit:

  • The underband should be firm, but still comfortable
  • The wires should sit flat against the chest
  • The boobs should be completely enclosed within the cups

If you're still unsure about fit, head to our guide on bra fitting here.

Are Balcony and Balconette Bras the Same?

The name 'balcony' comes from the French influence on lingerie, alongside the idea that the bra should work as a 'balcony' for the breasts (the original was designed with the neckline straight across the chest - like a literal boob balcony). 'Balconette' is simply 'balcony' in French, so there is no difference!

Who Can Wear a Balcony Bra?

Balcony bras are excellent for women with a full bust size as they prevent your breasts from ‘bunching up’ and creating an undesirable cleavage. They are also great if your boobs are bottom heavy as they uplift from the base of the cup and give your breasts a flattering shape on top.

Don't worry if you're a smaller size! This style is an ideal everyday bra. If you prefer a subtle appearance, or want a comfy option to wear every day, then a balcony bra is the perfect option for you too. We also recommend bralettes and push-up bras if balcony bras aren't for you.

What's the Difference Between Full Cup and Balcony Bra?

A full cup covers the breast entirely, and a balcony bra covers around half. Balconettes are designed with a lower, straighter neckline, but a full cup has a high neckline. The support is exactly the same though!

What's the Difference Between Plunge and Balcony Bra?

Whilst balcony bras are made with a straight line, plunge bras are shaped as a 'V'. A plunge bra's neckline works to push the breasts together, and therefore has slightly less support.

What's the Difference Between a Balcony Bra and a Demi Bra?

The cups of a demi bra are designed to go in more towards the middle of the chest. Both bras are a lower cut, but the demi is typically lower. Demi is the perfect bra if you want a deeper cleavage!

What Are Balcony Bras Good For?

We've already touched on the numerous benefits of a balcony bra, but here's the most important parts:

  • They're great for comfort and support
  • They can be worn under any type of clothing
  • They provide a smooth, rounded shape

We Recommend:

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Hopefully we've answered everything around what is a balcony bra, but if there's anything we've missed, let us know!

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