Finding your Fantasie Fit

Fantasie is the brand for finding support and comfort without compromising on style. We want you to find the perfect Fantasie fit, so we've put everything you need to know in one place.

Finding the perfect bra isn’t as simple as taking one set of measurements and being sorted for the rest of your life, so understanding your fit, size and shape is important for so many reasons… 

It’s recommended that you check your measurements every six months, as our bodies are always changing. It’s also important to familiarise yourself with the shape of your boobs (and to check this regularly too), as this will determine what type of bra is going to fit you best. 

A top Fantasie tip is to be aware that you may need to try different sizes in different bra styles. Whilst one bra might fit perfectly in one size, another style can completely change the way the bra fits, so be sure to always experiment with size every time you’re trying a new shape. Obviously your regular size might fit perfectly in a new style, but don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t!

Bra shopping can seem overwhelming at first because there’s a lot to consider, but once you’ve read through our Fantasie Fit page, you’ll be sorted in no time.

Fantasie Bra Shapes

Side Support Bra

A signature Fantasie style is the Underwired Side Support Bra and it’s one you’ll see in most of their collections. Side support is a feature fantastic for bigger busts, making it one of the most popular Fantasie shapes out there.

You’ll find them in Adelle, Ana, Antonia, Aubree, Aurelia, Caroline, Envisage, Fusion, Illusion, Jocelyn, Lucia, Olivia, Reflect and Rhiannon, so there’s definitely a Side Support Bra out there for everyone!

Fantasie recommends testing if a Side Support Bra would be good for you by reaching out your arms forwards and moving them as if you were driving. If you feel rubbing on the side of your arms, then a Side Support could be the one for you.

Key Features:

- Made with a four piece cup instead the standard three piece in most bras.

- Has an extra panel to provide forward projection by increasing the strength and support of the bra’s edge. This panel pushes the breast forward rather than towards the side, making the side support style perfect for those with boobs that our fuller at the side (you can find our guide to boob shapes here if you’re unsure of your shape).

- Has seams made with four sections: the outermost is the one that offers all the added support. Other bras will usually have two or three sections, with a moulded bra having just one.

- Includes powernet wings which ensure that the bra doesn’t ride up the back.

- Is also made with wide underwiring to guarantee support and comfort.

Our Fantasie Favourites

Fantasie Must-Haves

All Fantasie bras include seamed cups for shape, powernet wings for anchorage and torso control, alongside hook-and-eye closures to ensure an adjustable fit and ease of dressing, so no matter the style you opt for, you know you’ve got the essentials for a fantastic fit. 

Underwired Padded Half Cup Bra - Key Features:

- Crafted with foam cups to provide a rounded shape and support.

- Is a half cup, which means less coverage and a flattering neck (also good for those with bottom-heavy breasts).

- Has a special cup construction designed to give lift.

- Available in Ana and Aubree.

Non-Wired Bralette - Key Features:

- A comfortable, relaxed and completely wireless fit.

- Made with a wide comfort elastic underband to give support.

- Available in Envisage but you can also find other wireless styles in Fusion and Smoothease.

Underwired Strapless Bra - Key Features:

- Comes with detachable straps with multi positional fixtures.

- Made with Stay4Sure elastic to reduce slippage.

- Has moulded and cut-and-sew options.

- Available in Aura and Smoothing.

Underwired Balconette Bra - Key Features:

- Has a vertical seamed cup for cleavage and uplift, without the padding.

- Comes with an inner side sling for support in larger sizes.

- Available in Aurelia.