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christmas gift ideas
By Alicia Drinkwater on

A Lingerie Spin on Christmas Gift Ideas

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It’s December. It’s Christmas. Inevitable panic. 

Don’t panic. You've got me. I want to do the most for you this Christmas, which is why I’ve put together ANOTHER post on what to buy. I’ve got even more help for you, loaded in the form of Christmas gift ideas: lingerie style. 

Must Have Christmas Gift Ideas

I know I’m biased, but I really do think that underwear is a must-have for Christmas gift ideas. It doesn’t have to be a sexy thing (unless you want it to be), it can be anything… 

Does your bestie have a set that she’s been eyeing up and refuses to spend money on? Is your daughter starting off with her first bras and wanting to branch out a bit? Has your sister struggled for years with the most enormous boobs to ever exist and still isn’t wearing the right size bra which is driving you crazy? (That one might be just me…)

Anyway, the point is, if you’re stuck for Christmas gift ideas, despite what you might think, lingerie IS a great option.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

As usual, before I get to actually recommending everything, I’ve got to touch on the issue of size and fit. The only difficult thing about buying lingerie as a Christmas gift is if you don’t know someone’s exact size, which is why we’ve got you covered at BraForMe.

There’s a number of ways to go about the sizing issue. You could go into ninja mode and find a way of going through their existing underwear to check what size they’re happy with. This is a much better way of keeping everything a secret, but it does leave you with the issue of if they’re not actually wearing the right size. Luckily, we offer a 30-day returns policy, meaning that if something doesn’t fit perfectly, you can always return it and get the right size, so you really don’t have to worry.

The other option is to head to our collection of Fitting Guides. I spent a lot of time working on these, so yes, I will mention them at every possible opportunity I get. You could be honest and say ‘hey, I think I want to buy you something nice this year, so can we just double check your size and fit before I go ahead with it?’ or, you could be extra sneaky, and claim to want to work out your lingerie sizing as a fun activity together (you might be thinking that this sounds weird, but this is absolutely something that my friends and I have done before).

Regardless of what you want to do, if something doesn’t fit or doesn’t look exactly how you want it to, it is going to be okay. We’ve got an excellent customer service team on hand to help you through anything, and you’ve got a month to return or replace something if it’s not completely perfect. Panic over, get to the fun part!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone

  • Starting off strong and festive, let’s go with the Fantasie Ana in Red. There’s three different bra styles, but my personal favourite is the Side Support Bra. It’s one of Fantasie’s signature styles, designed with everything a fuller size needs for lift, projection and support. On top of this, it’s bloody beautiful. The red colourway is stunning and festive, with delicate embroidery, bow detailing and a rose gold charm.
To me, that sounds like the perfect gift for just about anyone with a fuller bust. And don’t forget about the matching brief, because no bra is complete without a fabulous pair of knickers. 

£43 Side Support Bra, sizes D-J

£24 Matching Brief, sizes 8-18

christmas gift ideas fantasie ana red
  • Throwing something different into the mix, because my Christmas gift ideas aren’t just all bras, why not try Wacoal’s Raffine Chemise? Available in four different colourways, this chemise is the perfect solution to a Christmas gift idea with a hint of sophistication. With delicate scallop lace edging, decorative stretch lace and a soft-handle finish, it’s super smooth, comfortable and luxurious. Not to mention, it’s flexible with lined cups for added support and fully adjustable spaghetti straps. Divine!

£60 Chemise, sizes 10-16

christmas gift ideas wacoal raffine chemise black
  • If you’re searching for a Christmas gift idea that’s simple, classic and guaranteed to impress anyone, look no further than the Gossard Superboost Lace collection. This range features loads of different styles (so it’s appropriate for all sizes, shapes and ages), but the one that I think is perfect for everyone is the Superboost Lace Plunge Bra.

This is *the* signature Gossard style, and it’s not their best-selling bra for no reason. With a padded push-up style, supportive mesh and stunning centre front for an enhanced cleavage, it’s got everything for a flattering, lifted look. A-D cups have removable push-up padding, and DD-G cups and 40-44 backs have no padding, meaning that it’s guaranteed to not add any bulk to bigger sizes. It’s obviously available with a selection of matching brief styles, so there’s something for every style. This is the type of set that you absolutely can’t go wrong with, making it a fabulous Christmas gift idea.

£39 Padded Plunge Bra, sizes A-G

£17-19 Four Brief styles, sizes 6-20

christmas gift ideas superboost lace padded plunge bra black 7711

Christmas Gift Ideas

And that, ladies and gentleman, is hopefully you full to the brim with Christmas gift ideas. If nothing takes your fancy, don’t forget that we’ve got a huge selection of lingerie and nightwear, including a range of different bra styles, sexy lingerie and even comfortable pyjamas. 

We’ve got absolutely everything you need, including a full Christmas collection, designed to give you the perfect Christmas inspiration.

Any questions? Get in touch here.

Psst. Did you know? We ship internationally! No matter where you are, we can provide you with your dream bra. Check out our shipping policy for everything you need to know about timings, prices and returns.


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