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PrimaDonna Bras and Lingerie

PrimaDonna bras are perfectly fitting, comfortable and supportive, without sacrificing style. They’re size inclusive, ranging from 30-50 chest size and B-K cup sizes, so they’re perfect for everyone, especially women with larger breasts. Every PrimaDonna bra is made with you in mind, so you’re guaranteed to feel beautiful and supported, whilst radiating confidence.

Primadonna Swimwear Primadonna Size Guide


PrimaDonna is a luxury German lingerie brand, belonging to the Van de Velde group. They manufacture fabulous underwear, focusing on designing and creating bras that also cater to women with fuller cup sizes. PrimaDonna believes in the confidence that a good lingerie set can bring, and aims to give this to all of their consumers.

'Celebrating curves since 1865'.

PrimaDonna bras and lingerie are stylish, perfectly fitting and aim to give women the confidence to be proud of their body. The brand takes fashion inspiration from current trends and translates it into beautiful designs that don't exclude fuller sizes. If you’re looking for a stunning luxury bra that doesn’t compromise on support, then PrimaDonna bras are the ones for you.

The PrimaDonna label is also home to three sister brands: PrimaDonna Twist, which was first launched in 1990, PrimaDonna Swim, launched in 2014 and PrimaDonna Sport, launched in 2017.

PrimaDonna Bras

PrimaDonna bras include a wide variety of styles, featuring Full Cup, Balcony, T-Shirt and even Bralettes - so there really is a bra for everyone! They’re known for:

  • Providing side support (which is a must-have for a fuller bust)

  • Having strong cups and good coverage

  • Never sacrificing style

PrimaDonna bras range from chest sizes 30-50 and cup sizes B-K, so although they cater to women with a fuller cup size, they’re still fully inclusive of all sizes. If you're unsure about what size or style you should wear, you can find everything you need to know with our PrimaDonna Size Guide.

Each PrimaDonna bra is part of an 18-month design process. This includes the actual styling and making with patented technical designs, alongside being tried and tested by real women, and then being further improved based on feedback, until they are absolutely perfect. 18 months is a long time, so you know that a lot of work has been put into making these bras their absolute best.

Prima Donna Bras UK

Our collection of PrimaDonna bras includes the best-selling PrimaDonna Deauville bra, PrimaDonna Madison and PrimaDonna Orlando, alongside a range of fabulously-fitting bra styles.

The entire PrimaDonna collection features a lot of different bras, so if you’re wondering what each of them are designed to do, our Types of Bras guide is the place with all of the information you need.

PrimaDonna Lingerie

Just like all other lingerie brands, PrimaDonna doesn’t stop at bras. Whether you’re looking for a matching lingerie set or some high-quality knickers, PrimaDonna have it all. Ranging from sizes XS-8 to 5XL-24, PrimaDonna lingerie includes thongs, full briefs, shorts and mid-rise briefs, all crafted with beautifully soft fabric and designs to match your bras.

PrimaDonna lingerie features styles with no VPL, full coverage and even a signature Luxury Thong. Their underwear is designed with as much consideration as their bras, so you're guaranteed to find a brief with everything you're looking for.

Where Can I Buy PrimaDonna Bras?

You can buy PrimaDonna bras right here at BraForMe. We offer a complete set of bra fitting guides, meaning that you can find your PrimaDonna bra size straight from home. We also offer regular discounts and offers, providing you with your dream lingerie at unbeatable prices.

Prima Donna

Whether you’re looking for PrimaDonna bras, PrimaDonna lingerie or PrimaDonna swimwear we’ve got it all. For more help, contact us or check out our Bra Fitting Guides. Our team is always on hand to help and we’re always more than happy to give you some PrimaDonna recommendations!