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Brief Styles

Brief Styles Guide

How many brief styles are there? 

We believe you can group women's brief styles into 12 categories. Each style can vary depending on appearance but also functionality. You'll find each brief style below with images on what they look like. If you'd like to learn more about each, we go into further detail at the bottom of the page.

Bikini Briefs

What is a Bikini Brief?

Bikini briefs are inspired by bikini swimwear bottoms. They have a high leg shape but sit low on your hips.

They are a flattering style, which look fantastic on women with curvy hips. The high leg allows for your curves to really show.

What's the difference between bikini and bikini brief?

The difference between a bikini (swim) and bikini briefs (underwear) is the coverage. Bikini briefs usually tend to be low-rise, while brief offer more support up top.

Brazilian Briefs

What is a Brazilian Brief?

Brazilian Briefs are characterised by a high leg cut, while sitting low across the hips. These briefs cover your hip and groin, while leaving your stomach and lower buttocks exposed.

brazilian briefs

Full Briefs

What does Full Brief mean?

Full Briefs are perfect for you if you're looking for coverage. The full brief uses both a high waist in order to cover your tummy, with a low cut on the legs that reaches down to the top of your thighs.

full brief

High Leg Briefs

What are High Leg Knickers?

High Leg Knickers sit higher on the waistline. They're designed to sit just underneath the waist and have a high cut on the leg.

high leg briefs

High Waist Briefs

What are High Waist Briefs?

While High Leg Briefs aim to move up your thigh, High Waist Briefs focus on covering your waist. This can sometime provide a more flattering and streamlined fit.

high waist briefs