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Short briefs or ‘boy shorts' are one of the comfiest choices of women's underwear. Short knickers have wide sides and the leg holes sit at the top of your leg/thigh, similar to shorts. Ideal to wear with loungewear or under a dress or skirt in case of any unexpected flash.


What Are Short Briefs?

Short briefs, women's boy shorts, boxer shorts or shorts, whichever name you like to use, are a super comfy underwear option for women of all shapes and sizes. The short style isn’t as flattering as a Thong or Brazilian, but sometimes comfort is priority over style depending on the occasion right?

Women's short knickers are medium coverage and have wider sides than most briefs, they subtly cover your upper thigh and almost look like a mini short in appearance. Just because shorts have more coverage it doesn’t mean they can’t still be sexy either. When made from sheer, lace materials or feature lace detailing, some short styles are seamless and super flattering. If you are looking for a comfier option with more coverage, a brief Short has you covered.

Shorts also sit on your hip differently, depending on the style. You can get high-waisted and low-rise shorts. It all depends on where you prefer the waistband to sit. High Waist briefs are great worn under jeans as they are less likely to slip down from movement.

Are Womens Boxers a Thing?

Some refer to women's short briefs as women’s boxers too. This is because of their fuller coverage style and comfort level. If you choose a cotton short it will almost feel like wearing a men’s boxer short, this is where the reference comes from. We suggest trying the Sloggi Cotton Comfort Shorts for the ‘women's boxers’ feel and style.

With a variety of unique brands at BraForMe we are sure there is a short brief that will fit perfectly and you will love. A few of our favourite brands for women's shorts are, Sloggi, Freya and Gossard. Shop Sloggi for a comfy choice, Freya for a lacey option or Gossard for a seductively sexy option.