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Non-Padded Bras

Non-padded bras are simply bras without padding, designed to enhance the natural shape of your breasts whilst providing good support and fit. They’re particularly popular amongst those with fuller busts, due to their breathability and lack of padding, meaning that they create less bulk with no extra cleavage. Our collection of non-padded bras features the best of our most popular brands, including Fantasie, Freya and PrimaDonna.

Non-Padded Bra

What is a Non-Padded Bra?

A non-padded bra is just a bra without padding. Non-padded bras come in a huge variety of styles, colours, fabrics and details, meaning that there’s one out there to suit everyone.

Non-padded bras aren’t necessarily underwired, either. You can get bras that are wireless and have no padding, meaning that there’s plenty of comfortable solutions out there for those days when you just don’t feel like wearing a proper bra. 

Are Non-Padded Bras Better?

Non-padded bras are great for framing the natural shape of your breasts. Whilst they’re basically missing a layer of fabric (compared to padded bras), they don’t compromise on support or structure, meaning that non-padded bras are just as good as padded bras.

Are Non-Padded Bras Less Supportive?

Just because there’s no padding in the cups doesn’t mean that non-padded bras are less supportive. Whilst some might be (wireless non-padded bras built with comfort in mind are not going to be as supportive), normal bras with no padding will still provide a degree of support. They’re also usually designed with added features like wide straps or side support panels, meaning that they really don’t compromise on support at all. 

Do Non-Padded Bras Show Your Nipples?

Whether or not a non-padded bra shows your nipples is completely down to the design of the individual bra. Whilst some might be very thin and sheer (and therefore likely to show your nipples), others will be lined or moulded and perhaps specifically made with coverage in mind. 

Can You Wear a Non-Padded Bra Daily?

Yes, you can wear a non-padded bra daily. Non-padded bras are perfect for everyday use, as they still provide full support without adding any bulk to the breasts.

Do Non-Padded Sports Bras Offer Support?

Most sports bras will be unpadded, as they need to be more breathable due to excess sweat. The lack of padding allows them to do this, and they’ll be designed with additional supportive features to ensure complete security during exercise. Not having padding does not mean that a bra can’t be structured or supportive. 

Non-Padded Bra Recommendations

If you’re looking for a staple everyday bra with a flattering plunge effect, look no further than Gossard’s Superboost Lace Non-Padded Plunge Bra. The shape is modelled from their best-selling plunge bra, designed to provide lift, projection and cleavage, without adding any bulk.

Where to Buy Non-Padded Bras

You can buy non-padded bras from the comfort of your own home. At BraForMe, we’ve got a fantastic range of non-padded bras, available in a variety of sizes and styles. If there’s anything you’re unsure of, contact us (who are also always more than happy to give you some lingerie recommendations!)

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