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Chantelle Bras and Lingerie

Chantelle bras are ready to make you feel gorgeous with French lingerie that includes contemporary patterns, luxurious laces and everyday essentials. Ranging from sizes A-G, there's a Chantelle bra for everyone.  Find your size with our Chantelle size guide or check out their sister brand, Passionata. Chantelle Softstretch also has you covered for your every day stretch essentials.

Chantelle Bra

Chantelle bras are one of the most famous family-owned French lingerie brands, having been established since 1876. Chantelle incorporates modern, contemporary designs with traditional French elegance and as a result, produces stunning lingerie. 

Chantelle bras range from 30-44 chest sizes and A-G cup sizes, meaning that they cover a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including fuller busts. Some of the most popular Chantelle bras are the Chantelle Strapless bra, Chantelle T-Shirt bra and the Chantelle Wagram bra. Our collection features all of the most popular Chantelle bras and some lesser-known ones, providing you with something for every occasion. 

The entire Chantelle collection features a lot of different bras, so if you’re wondering what each of them are designed to do, our Types of Bras guide is the place with all of the information you need. No matter your need, all Chantelle bras guarantee a fit you can depend on.

Chantelle Lingerie

Like all good lingerie brands, Chantelle doesn’t just cover bras. Each Chantelle bras collection comes with a selection of briefs in sizes 6-24, giving you everything you need for the perfect matching set. Whether you’re looking for a Shorty, Bikini brief or Hipster, we’ve got it all. 

Chantelle lingerie also features a collection of Period Pants, designed to support and absorb menstrual blood. These come in a range of sizes and absorbency levels, keeping you covered during menstruation. You can find more information about them on our Everything You Need to Know About Period Pants blog post

How Do Chantelle Bras Fit?

Chantelle bras are designed to be true to UK sizing and many women have reported that they found them true to size. We recommend trying your regular bra size but if you do find that Chantelle bras come up big, we offer a 30-day returns policy and the chance to exchange your items, allowing you to shop hassle-free.

Are Chantelle Bras Made in France?

Chantelle bras are still made directly in France, unlike many other lingerie brands who use international manufacturers. Many parts of the bras are handmade with lace exclusive to the Chantelle brand, making them more authentic and guaranteed to be of an exceptionally-high standard. In combining their manufacturing processes with both traditional and innovative technologies, Chantelle bras are some of the most unique lingerie pieces on the market.

Who Makes Chantelle?

The Groupe Chantelle was founded by 1876 by François Auguste Gamichon and Chantelle bras are still made by the group today. Chantelle bras are manufactured at We are Chantelle, which is a creative studio based in Paris. Très chic. 

Where to Buy Chantelle Bras

You can buy Chantelle bras right here at BraForMe. We offer a complete set of bra fitting guides, meaning that you can find your Chantelle bra size straight from home. We also offer regular discounts and a Chantelle bra sale, providing you with your dream lingerie at unbeatable prices.

Chantelle Bras

Whether you’re looking for Chantelle bras, Chantelle lingerie or Chantelle underwear, we’ve got it all. For more help, contact us or check out our Bra Fitting Guides. Our team is always on hand to help and we’re always more than happy to give you some Chantelle lingerie recommendations!