Nobody does lingerie like the French, and Chantelle lingerie are no exception to the rule. Our collection of Chantelle Bras are ready to make you feel gorgeous. Shop their daughter brand Passionata lingerie for equally stunning more youthful pieces.

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Chantelle underwear has over 100 years’ experience in designing some of the finest French lingerie. As can be expected with long established French underwear brands, Chantelle lingerie would be the perfect addition if you’re looking to add a touch of class and sophistication to your lingerie collection. We work closely with the brand as a Chantelle stockist. Working with Chantelle UK and the wider brand, we’re able to bring you some of their most popular ranges such as the Chantelle Basic Invisible lines, but we also run a year-round Chantelle bras sale.

Chantelle Bras While Chantelle lingerie are known universally for their beautifully designed French lingerie sets. You will have likely heard more specifically about their elegantly developed bras. Three of our most popular styles include:

Chantelle Wagram Bras The Wagram range has both a T-Shirt bra and Plunge bra. Both have secured themselves as our 2nd and 3rd most popular Chantelle bras. Chantelle white bras are usually a favourite as you’ll be able to make out the beautifully designed French embroidery.

Chantelle Day to Night Bras Unmatched support without forgoing the delicate design and detailing we all want. One of our most popular nude bras is the Day to Night T-Shirt Bra in the Golden Beige.

Chantelle Motif Full Cup Bra This full cup bra is by far one of our bestselling full-coverage bras. The double-padded underwire that accompanies the unpadded cups gives a secure fit without the dreaded “my underwire is digging in” feeling. It’s an essential everyday bra.

Chantelle Bra Sales UK Not only do we have a sitewide discount code when you sign up to our email list, you’ll also then be able to receive our Chantelle bra promo code which comes out throughout the year. More than that, if you’re looking for Chantelle bras UK, we can provide free UK delivery on all orders. Offering you beautifully designed French lingerie with 2-3 days.

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