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period pants
By Alicia Drinkwater on

Everything You Need to Know About Period Pants

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You might have already heard of period pants, period underwear or period knickers, and if you haven't, they're simply absorbent knickers designed to be worn throughout menstruation. They've been around for a while, but with improved designs and science, they're rapidly becoming the go-to menstruation product.

How Do Period Pants work?

Period pants are designed just like normal knickers - only that they also protect you during your period, so they're slightly bigger and thicker than your average pair of pants. Most are made to be worn up to 12 hours at a time, but this is dependent on your flow. They keep you dry and fresh, giving you peace of mind whilst bleeding.

What Are Period Pants?

Period pants:

  • Are made with moisture-wicking fabric containing fibres which trap liquid, meaning that they absorb blood and keep moisture away from the skin.
  • Are for girls, women, trans men, anyone who menstruates. We know that periods aren't exclusive to a gender, and no matter what you identify as, you deserve to be supported and protected during menstruation.

How to Use Period Pants

Some women prefer to use period pants alongside a tampon or a pad, and this is what I'd recommend if your bleeding is on the heavier side. This is definitely the safest option until you've sussed out how compatible you are with the pants. Just as with any other sanitary product, we've all doubled up from time to time and there is absolutely nothing wrong in doing so with period pants. 

It's all about actually trying the product and understanding what works for you and your flow. So whilst period pants are pretty fantastic, it's probably better not to immediately put 100% of your trust in them if you know that you're prone to a shocker of a period. However, they're technically designed to be worn on their own, so once you've got to grips with things, you're free to wear them just like normal knickers - either changing maximum every 12 hours or when they've reached their absorption limit.

Heavy periods aside, most period pants are brilliant. The benefits are undeniable, and they really are worth a try (it's just always important to remember that not everyone goes through smooth-sailing menstruation).

Do Period Pants Work?

Absolutely! Period pants are a great solution to menstrual protection, but it is important to remember that different brands will vary in their levels of effectiveness.

You should also be mindful of your flow and remember that periods are pretty unique to each menstruator. This means that whilst period pants might work perfectly for one person, they might not be enough to completely support someone else.

If you have a significantly heavy flow (or suffer from the likes of Endometriosis, PCOS, or one of the many other vagina-related health issues), it's probably better to air on the side of caution until you've tried and tested your period underwear.

This really isn't to say that they don't work - this is simply coming from an honest, real-life menstruator who has had one too many period problems to not issue all sanitary products with a warning!

How to Wash Period Pants

And are period pants washable? Well the answer is yes, they are washable (and it's easy to wash them). This is arguably one of the biggest benefits - they are reusable and will last you for years depending on how well you care for them. Head over to our guide on How to Wash Underwear here to find out exactly how to wash your period pants.

Are Period Pants Hygienic?

Another yes! Period pants are made with anti-microbial technology, so there's no need to worry about any kind of bacteria floating about. This technology is usually anti-odour too, so smell is another worry crossed off the list. Unlike a sanitary pad, the blood is entirely absorbed, so you're guaranteed to be dry and comfortable.

It's important to make sure that you change them at least every 12 hours, but this is another factor that is dependent on how much you're bleeding. Do remember that they need to be air-dried, so one set of knickers won't be enough to keep you covered for an entire period.

How Long Have Period Pants Been Around?

They have actually been around for a pretty long time - since the mid-nineties in fact. It's only recently though that there's been a real surge in the production and popularity of them.

This isn't surprising really, given the increase in concern for environmental activism and need for a sustainable solution to period products. Period pants are only getting better, and that's certainly a good thing.

Best Period Pants:

Now, I might be a little bit biased, but I think that the best period pants come from Chantelle's Period Panty collection. I've tried and tested them myself, and can confirm that they really do work.

Chantelle Period Pants:

  • Are made with a tried and approved technology, so they absorb abundant flow for up to 12 hours.
  • Are eco-friendly. Not only are they reusable and washable, they're also made with eco-designed materials and zero chemicals, so they have minimum environmental impact - good for you and good for the planet!
  • They're also anti-odour, moisture-free and seamless, so they've got absolutely everything you need to keep you protected during menstruation and will last for years. If you're looking for no VPL period pants, these are your best bet.
  • Look like completely normal underwear. So there's no added worry of if they're too bulky, how they're going to look under clothes, or just generally feeling like you're wearing a nappy (we've all been there).
Periods are uncomfortable enough, so you really shouldn't have to go through any extra discomfort with your underwear. It's not too much to ask - so luckily you don't have to with this fabulous collection.
chantelle high waist lace period pant


chantelle hipster period pant

We've also got a new range of Sloggi Period Pants in stock, so make sure you check them out too.

Any other period pants-related questions? Let me know. Happy shopping!

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