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A stunning, seductive and sensual French lingerie brand. Aubade meticulously craft each piece over a long period of time to ensure each final piece is perfect. With a focus on couples and the power of women, you are guaranteed to feel sexy and confident in your next Aubade lingerie set.

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Aubade lingerie, which is seductive and sensual, was born in the 50s. Created by a corset specialist, when panties and girdles were an essential piece in a womens lingerie drawer. Believe it or not, Aubade is the first lingerie brand to create matching coloured bras and underwear and marked history for the first strapless bras, halterneck bras and front-fastening bras. In the eighties, they created the first thong which was soon copied and became the well-known G-string. With lessons in seduction, they became a provocative and avant-garde brand with a focus on the relationship between couples and the seductive power of women and their elegance.

Not only did Aubade begin to create beautifully crafted lingerie, they introduced a swimwear line to encourage women to love their bodies on the beach. In addition to a new swimwear line, Aubademen was created. A sexy boxer line launched in 2013, with the knowledge of the relationship between men and women ever growing. To this day their lingerie is sexy, mischievous and especially crafted for romance. 

The time and standard which goes into each Aubade bra is exceptional. It takes around 2 years for an Aubade bra to be finalised. Each piece is perfectly suited to a woman's body shape, ensuring high quality cut and comfort is met. Being a French brand, the elegant and couture styling is highlighted through premium lace, embroidery, trims and jewels. Each season Aubade aims to be the go-to brand from day through to night, creating lingerie for any occasion.

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aubade lingerie

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