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Aubade Size Guide

For over 60 years, Aubade has been committed to making women feel beautiful and unapologetically sensual. Their collections feature a wide variety of bras, briefs and various other lingerie styles. Each piece is individually designed with a flawless cut and fit, so it’s important to make sure that you know what sizes to go for.

Aubade Band Sizing

The band accounts for 80% of the bras total support, so no matter what brand you're going for, you should always start with getting the correct band size. Measure underneath your bust with a flexible tape measure and use this chart to determine your Aubade band size.

aubade bra band sizes

Aubade Cup and Bust Sizing

Once you've found your band size, head to the cups. Take your tape measure and wrap it round the fullest part of your bust. Use this measurement to find your Aubade cup size with the table below.

aubade cup size conversions

Aubade Bra Style Sizes

Now, Aubades' Triangle bras and Comfort bralettes will need converting... But don't panic! Just take your sizes from above and use them to convert with these charts. C'est simple comme bonjour!
aubade triangle bra sizes
aubade comfort bra sizes

Aubade Bottom and Brief Sizing

Determining your brief size is always much easier than finding your bra size - we all know it! You've probably already got a good idea of your size, but it's always good to check. Wrap that flexible tape measure around your waist and hips (measuring in centimetres) and get those numbers converted for your Aubade bottom size!

aubade bottom brief sizing

Aubade Bra Shapes and Styles

Aubade bras can be split into three categories: Underwired, Push-up and Comfort. Let's break them down...


The underwired bra shape is designed to lift the bust and ensure a voluptuous look. It's supportive for both smaller and fuller busts, so it's really not limited to a size. Aubade have three types of underwired bra:

  • Demi-cup: designed to shape, lift and push up the cleavage, creating a rounded finish
  • Balconette: a three-quarter cup shape which supports the bust and guarantees a sexy cleavage
  • Underwired Triangle: provides a deep cleavage 


Push-up bras are made to lift the bust, providing a boost to smaller cups and a more rounded shape to fuller busts. 

  • Push-up: pushes the breasts together to ensure a deep cleavage and increase in volume
  • Deep Plunge: also pushes the breasts together and increases volume
  • Moulded Plunge: ensures a seductive push-up look


Comfort bras are designed to do exactly what the name suggests: provide comfort. They offer support and comfort without compromising on a seductive style - the perfect combination for a fuller bust.

  • T-Shirt: a fuller-fitting shape designed to be invisible underneath tight-fitting clothes. Comfortable, shaping and offers maximum support
  • Comfort Half Cup: Aubades' best-selling shape for fuller cup sizes
  • Comfort Full Cup: supports the best and guarantees a sensual cleavage

Aubade Bottom Styles

Aubade doesn't end at bras. They've also got a huge variety of bottom and briefs...


Their brief and bottom styles provide subtle coverage, with a range of different features.

  • Italian: an Aubade staple with embroidered detailing and a transparent back
  • Brazilian: provides comfort with an opaque back
  • Mini-Coeur: this style gives less coverage than other briefs, with a low waist and narrow sides
  • High-Waisted: an essential combining style with comfort


Aubades' high-cut briefs are fantastic for so many reasons. Not only do they maintain Aubades' sensual look, but they're also no VPL, meaning that they're completely invisible. Sexy and practical!

  • Tanga: a discreet style, wider on the sides than a classic thong
  • St-Tropez Shorty: a high-cut short style encompassing a modern and suggestive look

Caring for Aubade Lingerie

Each Aubade piece is different, so you should always check the individual labels, as these will provide you with all the do's and don'ts for caring for your lingerie. We do have some general rules though...

  • Hand-wash your lingerie items with lukewarm soapy water, ensuring that you don't rub them or leave in the water for too long
  • You can wash tulle pieces in the machine, but never on a higher temperature than 30°. You should also always use a laundry bag to protect your pieces
  • Never use bleach, chlorine or harmful chemicals (you can guess why!) and always opt for a sensitive detergent with no kind of brightening agent
  • Never dry clean your items
  • Finally, don't iron unless the label says so. This will apply to most lingerie, but Aubade do have some cotton pieces that need to be lightly pressed

And there you have it, your guide to Aubade lingerie. You can also check out our Aubade Lingerie Collection. Any questions? Get in touch!

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