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Deriving from the words Play and Latex, Playtex was the first brand to mention lingerie on TV. Creating lingerie with Latex material since the 40s. Now with a wide range of luxurious, high-quality lingerie crafted from soft, breathable fabrics that enhance your figure. Combining innovation with construction and everyday comfort, you are promised lingerie that fits and feels perfect.

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Playtex is an eco responsible brand which has derived from a Latex Cooperation founded by Abraham Nathaniel Spanel. The cooperation entered the world of underwear starting with a Living Girdle, which although made from Latex was comfortable and fitting. Later the cooperation was reconstructed and Playtex was born. A play on the words Play and Latex. 

Playtex's first piece of lingerie was the Cross Your Heart Bra which ‘lifts and separates.’ It was around this time Playtex was the first brand to mention lingerie on the TV! Playtex are known for creating lingerie to be worn whichever the activity, to make women remain beautiful whether cleaning the house, watching the tv or walking to the shops. You are promised quality, comfortable, breathable, well constructed lingerie from Playtex which is designed and crafted with strong expertise. They are always working to better themselves to continue to create lingerie that adapts to the body and showcases your figure.

What inspires Playtex?

All women who feel good and who want to feel good in their body. Their first source of inspiration behind each piece. To be able to provide women with everyday timeless lingerie that is their go to option. Playtex aims to create lingerie which flatters their figure and makes them feel good. To be able to create comfortable lingerie, the highest quality fabrics need to be sourced. As a trusted brand, they ensure all fabrics, cotton, microfibre, lace and tulle are studied in detail so they can produce exceptionally comfortable and well fitting underwear.

Playtex Cross Your Heart - Playtex first lingerie creation renowned for support. The design is femnine with fine lace which covers the cups. The ‘cross’ design supports your bust all day and provides optimal comfort. A must-have bra for your lingerie collection.

Where can I buy Playtex bras?

Here at BraForMe, we sell a range of Playtex lingerie to suit your needs. From the popular Cross Your Heart Full Cup bra to super comfy cotton Playtex knickers as a multipack, we have you sorted for your next purchase of comfortable underwear. We recommend trying the Maxi brief Cherish Cotton Rich knickers that come in Black, White and Skin. A stretchy full brief that will provide ultimate comfort all day. If you are searching for new lingerie and not sure where to start get in touch with our customer service team who will be able to assist the best they can. Also, if you sign up to our newsletter you will be regularly updated with what’s new in and also receive exclusive access to discounts on your favourite brands!

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