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Seamless Knickers (No VPL)

Seamless knickers are any style of knicker that don’t show any panty lines. The seams have no seams/hems, which creates a completely smooth silhouette, as if you’re not wearing underwear at all! Seamless briefs are the number one for no visible panty line (VPL).

Seamless / No VPL knickers

What Do Seamless Knickers Do?

Seamless knickers are an essential item for every underwear collection. Say no more to visible panty lines (VPL) as seamless knickers provide you with complete invisibility under clothing. This style is a great option if you are not comfortable to go full commando, as it feels like you’ve not got underwear on but give you that extra coverage and comfort.

There’s no risks with a seamless brief, meaning you can save yourself the embarrassment of an unwanted VPL under your favourite outfit. Other brief styles including most thongs and tanga briefs are minimal coverage and offer no vpl too. But the difference with a seamless brief is that they are more coverage, and have no hems/seams which makes the fabric lay completely flat on your skin.

Which Are the Most Comfortable Knickers?

At BraForMe we stock exceptional lingerie brands, which are all high-quality meaning you will find only the best seamless knickers. It’s hard to distinguish the most comfortable knickers as everyone has a different preference in style, fabric and fit. However, with a seamless brief in your lingerie collection we know you’ll want more as they are super comfortable and provide complete invisibility without minimal fabric. Sloggi underwear are one of our top sellers for seamless knickers. With their ZERO feel collection you are promised underwear which feels like a second skin. 

Benefits of A Seamless Knicker or Brief?

Exceptional comfortable 

Great coverage

Ultimate no VPL (visible panty line)

Super soft fabric