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Sloggi Knickers and Bras

Sloggi is designed to encorporate style with unrivalled comfort and support. With super soft fabrics and streamlined stitching for a perfect fit, a pair of Sloggi knickers or a Sloggi bra is a staple in any underwear collection. Sloggi sizes range from 6-30, so they're suitable for all shapes and body types. If you're unsure on fit, grab a tape measure and view our Sloggi Size Guide.

Sloggi Knickers

Sloggi are one of the world’s most popular underwear brands, known especially for their knickers and bras. Launched in 1979, Sloggi is owned by Triumph, who have also established a reputation for providing staple underwear pieces for many years. 

One of the reasons that Sloggi are so well known is due to the materials they use. Most Sloggi knickers are composed of 95% cotton material, meaning that their soft touch is unmatched by other underwear brands. Sloggi knickers range all the way from sizes 6-30, making them suitable for all shapes and sizes. 

Some of their most popular styles are Sloggi Maxi Briefs, Sloggi Tai Briefs and Sloggi Control Pants, all of which we stock in a range of core and fashion colours. Many Sloggi items are regularly featured in our sale too, meaning that you’re guaranteed to get fantastic items at even better prices.

Sloggi Bra

Whilst Sloggi are renowned for their knickers, they’re also well-known for their bras too. Sloggi produce a fantastic range of bras, which are mostly non-wired to guarantee complete comfort. Their most popular bras are the Sloggi Zero Feel Bra and Sloggi Bralette, both loved for their lightweight styles with unbeatable support and all-day long comfort. 

Sloggi bras are typically sized between 8-16 (you can find the size equivalents for bra size in the Sloggi Size Guide below), but others range between chest sizes 30-40 and cup sizes A-C. Sloggi bras are designed to be flexible and mould to the body’s fit, and many of their bralettes fit up to an E cup.

The entire Sloggi collection features a lot of different bras, so if you’re wondering what each of them are designed to do, our Types of Bras guide is the place with all of the information you need.

Sloggi UK

Sloggi knickers and bras are both true to size, meaning that if you already know your regular sizes, you’re safe to use those for Sloggi products. 

At BraForMe, we offer a complete Sloggi Size Guide, which will take you through everything you need to know about Sloggi sizing. We also have a full Bra Size Chart, which will guide you through all international size conversions if you’re shopping from a country outside of the UK. 

It’s also important to note that we offer a 30-day returns policy and the chance to exchange your items, allowing you to shop for bras hassle-free. We know that sometimes it takes a few tries to find the perfect bra, which is exactly what our returns policy is designed to help with. 

Where Can I Buy Sloggi Knickers?

You can buy Sloggi right here at BraForMe. We offer a complete set of bra fitting guides, meaning that you can find your Sloggi size straight from home. We also offer regular discounts and offers, providing you with your dream lingerie at unbeatable prices.

What Country is Sloggi From?

Sloggi’s headquarters has been located in Bad Zurzach, Switzerland since 1977, but it actually has branches across 45 countries, showing how well-established the brand is. 

Where Are Sloggi Products Made?

The Triumph company owns four manufacturing facilities, of which many Sloggi products are produced. Triumph also uses trusted partners across Europe, Africa and Asia to make products, all of which are ethical and reliable, so you know that you’re shopping safely and responsibly when buying Sloggi products. 

Is Sloggi a Good Brand?

Sloggi is arguably the number one underwear brand for providing comfort. They’ve made a name for themselves for guaranteeing comfortable, supportive underwear and the proof is in how long they’ve been established (over 30 years).


Whether you’re looking for Sloggi knickers, Sloggi bras or Sloggi pants, we’ve got it all. For more help, contact us or check out our Bra Fitting Guides. Our team is always on hand to help and we’re always more than happy to give you some Sloggi underwear recommendations!