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Gossard Bras and Lingerie

Gossard are renowned for producing gorgeous lingerie with an unbeatable fit. With bra styles ranging from A-G, Gossard have got all shapes and sizes covered. Whether you're looking for the Gossard Glossies bra, the Gossard Superboost collection or a sexy lingerie set, you're in the right place.  Find out more about Gossard bras and lingerie below.

Gossard Bras

Gossard bras are famous for having a rich heritage in producing beautiful lingerie. With high-quality, eye-catching designs, Gossard keeps its finger on the pulse when it comes to lingerie fashion. This leaves the Gossard bra as a perfect blend of sophistication and glamour, making women feel sexy and confident. 


Gossard is designed for elegance and sophistication. With numerous reinventions, they’ve perfected their designs for undeniable comfort, support and confidence. The Gossard bra offers a rich variation in vibrant colours and shimmer that provides an eye-catching and stunning appearance.

Is Gossard a UK Brand?

Gossard has a rich heritage spanning over 100 years from the UK. With catalogues going back as far as the 1920’s, Gossard is one of the oldest manufacturers of high-quality undergarments and hosiery.

They’ve consistently re-invented their designs to ensure that they are serving women with the quality and design they need. In the 1970’s, when women turned to burning their bras as a sign of liberation and freedom, Gossard launched their Gossard Glossies range: a modern, colourful and natural design. They also recognised that women who had larger cup sizes deserved the same access to fashionable and stylish lingerie, so in turn developed their Gossard bra ranges up to DD cup. (Don’t panic, they range up to a G cup now!)

Gossard Bras

Gossard prides themselves on their range of designs. This allows Gossard bras to be incredibly versatile, offering Balcony, Bralettes, Front Fastening, High Apex, Longline, Moulded, Multiway, Plunge, Strapless, Sweetheart and T-Shirt styles for all occasions.

We’re also proud to stock the Gossard Glossies and Gossard Superboost bras, which are part of their two most famous collections. The entire Gossard collection features a lot of different bras, so if you’re wondering what each of them are designed to do, our Types of Bras guide is the place with all of the information you need.

Is Gossard UK Sizing?

Gossard lingerie is UK sizing. If you need to convert your international bra size, please follow our Bra Size Chart, which provides conversions across all countries. If you’re unsure of your UK bra size, follow our guide on How to Measure Bra Size and use your size to shop Gossard bras.

Gossard is true to fit, which is why we recommend trying your regular bra size. However, we know that it can sometimes take trying a few bras to find the perfect one, which is why we offer a 30-day returns policy and the chance to exchange your items, allowing you to shop hassle-free.

Gossard Lingerie

Although Gossard is known for their beautiful bra designs, it shouldn’t distract you from their wider collection of Gossard underwear, including eye-catching Gossard bodysuits and Gossard knickers. So, if you’re looking for a perfect Gossard set, BraForMe has you covered.

Where to Buy Gossard Bras

You can buy Gossard bras right here at BraForMe. We offer a complete set of bra fitting guides, meaning that you can find your Gossard bra size straight from home. We also offer regular discounts and offers, so if you’re looking for a Gossard outlet, you’re in the right place.

Gossard Underwear

Whether you’re looking for Gossard bras, Gossard lingerie or Gossard underwear, we’ve got it all. For more help, contact us or check out our Bra Fitting Guides. Our team is always on hand to help and we’re always more than happy to give you some Gossard lingerie recommendations!