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Strapless Bras

Strapless bras are exactly what the name suggests: bras without straps. Multiway bras have detachable straps, meaning that you can wear them without straps or in a variety of styles. Both bra types are very versatile, offering a supportive and comfortable solution to all outfit choices. Our strapless and multiway bras collection includes the best of our most popular brands, including Freya, Fantasie and PrimaDonna.

Strapless Bras

What is a Strapless Bra?

A strapless bra is simply a bra without straps, making it a vital part of anyone’s lingerie collection. They still provide complete support and uplift, making them perfect for wearing underneath strapless or revealing clothing. Most strapless bras will come with detachable straps, giving you the option to customise your look. They’re then most often referred to as multiway bras.

Strapless bras are normally designed with a wider back band, to properly hold the weight of the breasts. They often feature the likes of foam cups, silicone-lined underbands (to prevent slippage), and even hand shape technology for added lift and support.

A good strapless bra needs to be secure without the straps, and should therefore be comfortable and supportive.

What is a Multiway Bra?

A multiway bra is a bra able to be worn in multiple ways. This means that the straps are convertible (and usually detachable), allowing the bra to be worn as strapless, racerback, halterback, the list is endless. 

Key Features of a Strapless Bra:

  • Non-slip: the added silicone on the underband means that the bra stays in place without any slip.
  • Boning: this is usually added to the side of the bra below the underarm for added structure and support.
  • Wider band: the majority of the bra’s support comes from the band, so strapless bras will have wider and more structured bands to ensure this.
  • Detachable or multiway straps: giving you the option to go full strapless or wear the bra in a variety of ways.

Benefits of a Strapless Bra:

  • Can be worn under all clothing, including strapless tops and one shoulder dresses.
  • Provide good uplift and cleavage.
  • Multifunctional if detachable straps are a feature.

How Should a Strapless Bra Fit?

A strapless bra should fit firmly around the bust. If the underband is loose or too big, the breasts won’t be supported and the bra will either slip down or need pulling up.

If you’re wondering what size strapless bra you should buy, we recommend trying your normal bra size first of all. (If you don’t know your correct size, head to the guide on How to Measure Bra Size.)

If this feels too loose in a strapless bra, try going down a band size and up a cup size, or vice-versa. The underband will feel tighter than normal and your breasts should properly fill the cups, just like any other style of bra.

Why Are Strapless Bras So Uncomfortable?

Strapless bras might seem uncomfortable or too tight at first, and it’s for good reason. A strapless bra is usually designed with a tighter underband, in order to compensate for having no straps and provide extra support. 

Strapless Bra Recommendations

If you know Wonderbra, you know that they’re great for strapless bras. The Ultimate Silhouette Strapless Bra comes with patented silicone dots, which have a unique hand support design, creating the perfect balance of push-up and cleavage. The silicone ensures no slippage, holding your breasts in place without the need for straps. This is widely known as one of the best strapless bras, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Another fantastic strapless bra is Fantasie’s Smoothing Moulded Bra. Designed to ensure a smooth shape with excellent support, it’s made with foam moulded cups and a gripper elastic underband, providing medium coverage. With removable multiway straps, it’s got everything you need for a completely customisable look.

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That's everything you need to know about strapless and multiway bras, but if there's anything you're unsure of, you can contact us. Our team is always on hand to help, and we're always more than happy to give you some lingerie recommendations!

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