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Half Cup Bras

Half cup bras, demi bras or shelf bras, are similar to balconettes, but cover less of the breast and have less curve on the cups. They’re best suited to women with bottom heavy boobs, as half cup bras lift the breasts and provide a fuller cleavage look. Our collection of half cup bras includes the best from our most popular brands, including FantasieFreya and PrimaDonna.

Half Cup Bras

What is a Half Cup Bra?

A half cup bra, (also known as a demi bra or a shelf bra), covers half of the breast, as opposed to a full cup, which gives full coverage. Half cup bras are similar to a balcony, covering even less of the breast, often with a straighter neckline. 

Half cup bras are great for women with bottom heavy breasts, as the shape of the bra means that the bottom of the boobs are fully covered and supported, with no material over the top where there’s less breast tissue. Half cup bras give a natural lift, shaping the boobs and creating the illusion of a fuller bust by gently pushing the cleavage upwards.

What is the Difference Between Half Cup and Full Cup Bra?

Half cup bras cover the bottom half of the breast, or around three quarters of it. When the bra covers over three quarters of the breast, it’s then referred to as a full cup, as it provides full coverage. A half cup bra is basically a bra with half the cup of a full coverage bra.

Are Half Cup Bras Comfortable?

A half cup bra that fits properly will be comfortable, although how well it fits comes down to the shape of your boobs as much as the size of them. As they cover the bottom half of the breasts, they’re probably not going to feel comfortable to someone with top heavy boobs, as the right parts of the breast tissue won’t be covered and supported. 

Who Should Wear a Half Coverage Bra?

As previously mentioned, a half cup bra is most suited to those with bottom heavy boobs. As it lifts from the bottom, it pushes the breasts upwards and inwards, giving you lift and cleavage in all the right places.

Whilst half cup bras are most suited to women with a bottom heavy shape or who have lost fullness on the top of their breasts, they can still be worn by anyone. If you usually wear plunge bras and aren’t getting your desired cleavage, a half cup can work to push your boobs up and provide added fullness. The straighter neckline helps to create a good cleavage and also suits being worn underneath lower cut clothing. Win-win!

What’s the Difference Between a Half Cup and a Balcony Bra?

Half cup bras and balconettes are pretty similar, but there are some key differences. 

  • Both typically have straight necklines
  • Half cup bras sit lower on the breasts for optimal cleavage
  • Balcony bras have more of a curve in the neckline, whereas half cup bras have minimal ‘dip’ at the centre of the cup

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That's everything you need to know about half cup bras, but if there's anything you're unsure of, you can contact us. Our team is always on hand to help, and we're always more than happy to give you some lingerie recommendations!

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