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Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are designed for women to wear post-pregnancy, made with nursing clips (detachable straps) on the cups to allow easy access to the breasts for breastfeeding. The cups are super soft, breathable and typically have wider straps to ensure maximum comfort.

Nursing Bras

What Are Nursing Bras?

A nursing bra is a bra designed with clip adjustments on the cups, providing the option for a drop cup to allow for easy access to the breasts. Whilst they’re not to be confused with maternity bras, which are bras made to allow comfort and flexibility during pregnancy, they are designed to offer maximum comfort during pregnancy and lactation. Nursing bras are also usually wire-free, and often come with wider wires for support and additional breast pads to absorb any leakage.

Are Maternity and Nursing Bras the Same?

No, maternity and nursing bras aren’t the same. Maternity bras are designed to be worn throughout pregnancy to support the breasts as they grow, whereas nursing bras are made to allow for comfortable and easy breastfeeding. 

When to Buy Nursing Bras

Whilst nursing bras are designed primarily for breastfeeding, you can wear one during and post-pregnancy. Our best advice is to buy maternity bras throughout your pregnancy and then nursing bras when you’re closer to your due date. The nursing clips help to make breastfeeding a smooth process, allowing easy access to the breasts whenever you need it.

How Many Nursing Bras Do I Need?

If you’re planning on using nursing bras, it’s recommended that you buy around two to three, to allow for washing and wearing. It’s always better to buy the minimum amount that you think you’ll need, as you can always buy more if you realise that it’s not enough.

How Often Should You Change Your Bra When Breastfeeding?

The general rule for nursing bras is to wash them after every two wears, but this is obviously dependent on whether or not you’ve had any leakage.

Should I Go Up a Cup Size for Nursing Bras?

With nursing bras, it’s generally recommended to add one cup size and one back size to your usual pre-pregnancy size. Opposite to regular bras, nursing bras should feel comfortable and secure on the tightest hook setting, as this will ensure you can adjust the fit of the bra as you grow.

As always, we strongly recommend that you measure yourself before you buy any kind of bra. During pregnancy and post-pregnancy, the size of your breasts is going to fluctuate, but by measuring before you get a nursing bra, you’re going to get a more accurate idea of what size is best suited to you. Head to our guide on How to Measure Bra Size for everything you need to know.

Are Nursing Bras Necessary?

Nursing bras are not essential, but they are strongly recommended if you’re going to be breastfeeding. It’s also really important to make sure that your nursing bra fits you properly, as an ill-fitting one could lead to clogged ducts and mastitis. 

What are the Best Nursing Bras?

At BraForMe, we sell a range of nursing bras all designed to support you and keep you comfortable during post-pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Try Freya’s Pure Nursing Drop Cup Bra. Designed with gentle underwriting, it’s smooth, seamless and has moulded spacer cups, creating a comfortable fit and rounded shape. With a secure drop clip, it guarantees easy breastfeeding.

If that’s not for you, go for Goddess’ Keira Full Cup Nursing Bra. Made with full coverage and side panels, this is the perfect nursing bra for ensuring complete support. With an additional back adjustment, a wide elastic underband and secure squeeze release clasp, it’s got everything you need for practicality, support and comfort. It also features moisture-wicking fabric, helping you keep cool and dry all day long.

Where to Get Nursing Bras

Luckily, you can get nursing bras from the comfort of your own home (the joys of online shopping). At BraForMe, we offer a full collection of nursing bras with free standard UK shipping and a 30-day returns policy. What more could you need?

That's everything you need to know about nursing bras, but if there's anything you're unsure of, you can contact us. Our team is always on hand to help, and we're always more than happy to give you some lingerie recommendations!

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