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Front Fastening Bras

Front fastening bras are the perfect mix of practical and stylish. Designed with a closure on the front instead of the back, they’re not only easier to fasten and smoother on the back, they’re also super flattering and fun. Shop our fabulous collection of front fastening bras below.

Front Fastening Bras

What is a Front Fastening Bra?

A front fastening bra is exactly what it sounds like: a bra with a closure on the front, instead of the back. This closure is also known as a hook-and-eye, with the amount of hooks varying from bra to bra. Front fastening bras come in a range of styles, from longline to plunging necklines, meanline that there’s something for everyone. They’re much easier to put on than a normal bra, and they’re bang on-trend right now. What’s not to love?!

Are Front Closure Bras Good For Large Breasts?

Front fastening bras aren’t just great because they’re practical and fashionable, they’re also supportive too. Whilst all bras will vary in levels of support, front fastening bras typically provide a good level, as the front fastener pulls the breasts forward and together, instead of backwards and apart like a normal bra.

Do be warned though, that the level of support does always come down to the individual bra. Whilst some front fastening bras might work really well for larger breasts, others might put too much pressure on the breast tissue from the single clasp. Finding the right bra is (unfortunately) down to finding what’s right for your exact shape and size, so it’s often a case of trying what might work for your breasts, but not being disheartened if it’s not right for you.

Are Front Closure Bras Good For Small Breasts?

Front fastening bras are good for smaller breasts. Having smaller breasts often means that you’re more likely to get on with a better range of bra types, as support isn’t as much of an issue. Whilst some front fastening bras might put too much pressure on the breast tissue for those with larger breasts, this isn't going to be an issue for smaller sizes. This means that front fastening bras are perfectly suitable for smaller breasts. 

What is the Purpose of a Front Clasp Bra?

Front fastening bras create a smoother silhouette under tight-fitting clothing, due to the lack of closure on the back. They also tend to be much more comfortable than an average bra, and much easier to take off.

Why are Front Closure Bras Not Popular?

The downside to front fastening bras is that they’re not as adjustable as bras with a regular back closure. The closure on front fastening bras is often a single clasp, meaning that the band is not adjustable. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a problem, it does mean that some people won’t be able to find a front fastening bra that fits as well as one with a back closure.

How to Undo a Front Fastening Bra

Undoing a front fastening bra is the same as undoing one with a back closure, only with the added bonus that you can actually see what you’re doing. Simply unsnap each hook, lifting each side of the clasp up towards you to help you do so. 

What is the Best Front Fastening Bra?

At BraForMe, our favourite front fastening bra is the Superboost Lace Deep V Bralette from Gossard. Available in a fabulous range of colours and covering sizes B-G, it’s designed with a beautiful stretch lace and fine mesh wings, ensuring comfort and support as well as style. It’s also got an added racerback feature, creating a more contemporary look.

Where Can I Buy a Front Fastening Bra?

You can buy a front fastening bra from the comfort of your own home. At BraForMe, we’ve got a fantastic range of front fastening bras, available in a variety of sizes and styles. If there’s anything you’re unsure of, contact our team (who are always more than happy to give you some lingerie recommendations!)

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