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Non-Wired Bras

Non-wired bras are exactly what they sound like: bras without wiring. Otherwise known as soft cup bras, wireless bras or wire-free bras, they all mean the same thing - no wires. Non-wired bras are considered less restrictive and more comfortable than wired bras, making them a very popular and versatile style.

Non-Wired Bras

What is a Non-Wired Bra?

Non-wired bras are a comfortable everyday alternative to underwired bras. They come in a range of sizes, shapes and styles, often providing good coverage, gentle lining and complete comfort. Although bras with underwiring are usually more supportive, non-wired or soft cup bras still have a good level of support and come with the added bonus of being much more comfortable. 

Non-wired bras are also great because they come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that they’re really not exclusive to a particular size. Since non-wired bras are just bras defined by whether or not they have wiring, they come in all sorts of different types and styles. With bralettes, moulded and full cup bras, there’s a non-wired bra out there for absolutely everyone.

Are Non-Wired Bras Better?

It’s impossible to say that one bra type is better than another, because each is made to do different things. The entire human race is made of different shapes and sizes, so what works for one person might do the complete opposite for another.

Non-wired bras are certainly ‘better’ in terms of comfort. However, as they don’t have underwire, they’re always going to sacrifice some level of support, which isn’t good for larger bust sizes. Whilst non-wired bras are suitable for all sizes, they’re better for smaller busts, as they require less support. We all need to protect and support our breasts, but different sizes need different levels of support.

This isn’t to say that non-wired bras aren’t supportive at all - this is down to the specific bra and what it’s designed to do. They’re less restrictive on the underbust, whilst still capable of providing decent support, so if you struggle with underwired bras, a non-wired bra might be your next solution.

What’s the Difference Between Wired and Non-Wired Bras?

The key difference between all bras is whether they’re underwired or non-wired. The difference between the two is simply that one has wiring and the other doesn’t.

Underwired Bras:

  • Have a sturdy wire (usually made of metal or plastic) that runs underneath the cups from the centre gore to the armpit and is sewn into the bra with fabric padding
  • Provide fantastic support, uplift and shape definition
  • Can prevent back pain/strain due to the added support from the wire
  • Can enhance cleavage
  • Come in a range of different colours, styles and fabrics
  • Can feel uncomfortable if worn for a long period of time
  • Tend to cause irritation or soreness if they’re too tight or close-fitting
  • Can’t be worn after breast surgery and shouldn’t be worn by pregnant or breastfeeding women

Non-Wired Bras:

  • Are flexible and allow room for subtle change
  • Are suited to those with a smaller size, as they’re less structured (which also means that they last longer)
  • Can still provide support to those with bigger busts
  • Are made of softer fabrics and elastics. No wires = less pressure
  • Make comfortable everyday bras
  • Are recommended for those post-surgery, as the cups allow more breast movement, helping the tissue to recover
  • Are ideal for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Don’t provide uplift, which can lead to sagging if worn for too long

Best Non-Wired Bras

Sloggi is a great brand for non-wired bras. Featuring underwear designed with a second-skin feel, Sloggi are experts in creating bras that provide unrivalled all-day comfort. The ZERO Feel collection is a prime example of this, with moulded, seamless and lined bras all made from 3D-ZERO-quality fabric, it’s the perfect combination of flexible, comfortable and wearable.

For bigger cup sizes, the Elomi Cate Soft Cup Bra is the one to go to. A full cup bra with side support, flexible side boning and a wide elastic underband, it guarantees comfort and flexibility without sacrificing any support. Available in a stunning range of colours in cup sizes B-G, this is the perfect soft cup bra for anyone with a fuller breast size or shape.

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That's everything you need to know about non-wired bras, but if there's anything you're unsure of, you can contact us. Our team are always on hand to help, and we're always more than happy to give you some lingerie recommendations!

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