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Bandeau / Multiway

bandeau and multiway

Bandeau / Multiway

Bandeau Bikinis and Multiway Bikini Tops are fantastic for a number of reasons… They offer you the option to customise your style, completely depending on your mood or the occasion. With choices of halter neck, racer back or completely strapless, the world’s your oyster. Ranging from chest sizes 30-44 and cup sizes D-HH, our Bandeau and Multiway Bikini Tops are also perfect for fuller busts, leaving you confident and free to enjoy the beach. (They’re also great for preventing unwanted tan lines whilst you soak up the sun!)

Bandeau and Multiway Bikini Tops

At BraForMe, we offer an amazing range of Bandeau and Multiway Bikini Tops, perfect for every style and occasion. Bandeaus are an incredibly popular bikini top style, and it isn't difficult to understand why. We all love the choice to customise our look and forget about tan lines!

Bandeau Bikini Tops

Bandeau Bikini Tops are available with detachable straps, meaning that you can customise your look and wear it however you like - strapless or not! They range in style, pattern and colour, meaning that there’s a Bandeau out there for everyone. Do always be careful if you’re looking for one with removable straps though, as some styles of Bandeau Bikini Tops will be completely strapless.

Multiway Bikini Tops

Multiway Bikini Tops are simply bikini tops that can be worn in a variety of ways, meaning that Bandeaus and Multiway often become the same thing. Typically designed with convertible straps, multiways can be worn as halter necks, racer backs and many more. They're also usually made with detachable, meaning that you can go completely strapless!

Bandeau and Multiway Bikini Top Sizing and Fitting

All of our bikini tops are fitted by bra size, meaning that you can get just as much support as you would from your bra! If you're not sure about your bra size, check out our bra fitting guide. If there's anything we've missed, contact us! We're here to help and we want you to feel confident with your bikini choice.

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