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Calling all bloggers, columnists, content creators... Are you interested in writing for us? If so, you’re in the right place!

Write For BraForMe

BraForMe is all about inclusivity, making sure that everyone is heard and helping all intimate experiences to be as liberating as possible. We’re interested in what everyone’s got to say, whether this is about your own bra fitting experience, your views on a particular product, or even your favourite bra style. Variety is the spice of life, and this certainly doesn’t end with lingerie.

We’re all for women helping women (and anyone else who wears lingerie), which is why we know that just having an inclusive size range isn’t enough. We want to go even further, creating a safe place for everyone to share their experiences of brands, styles and fits, for the benefit of other people. We want real people to share their real views, contributing to making a diverse space built to help and educate others. Whilst we try to cover everything on our blog, we know that this is impossible for one person to do. 

So, we want to invite people to collaborate with our blog. You could:

  • Write a whole review: product, brand, style, you name it.

  • Have a lingerie debate with our fabulous Copywriter Alicia (yes, she is the one writing this).

  • Write about a particular lingerie-related experience. Your first fitting, your experience of shopping online vs. in store, or even a comparison between your fit before being measured properly vs. how you feel now.

Or, you might have your own brilliant idea about a lingerie-related piece that we haven’t mentioned.

What We’re Offering:

  • The chance to feature on our blog with links to your website and all social media.

  • Links to the post and your details featured in our email campaigns and all socials.

  • An opportunity to contribute to creating a diverse and safe space for everything lingerie-related.

Contact BraForMe

If any of this sounds like something you’re interested in, then please, get in touch. You can email us directly on, where we'll be able to discuss the ins and outs of writing for us.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!