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Briefs and Knickers

Knickers, women’s underwear, briefs, whatever you’re looking for - we’ve got it. Whether you’re searching for comfort in soft cotton knickers, a seductive thong for a special occasion or briefs with no VPL, you’re guaranteed to find it here. Shop our complete women’s underwear collection, featuring the best of our most popular brands, including FantasieFreya and PrimaDonna.

Knickers and Briefs

Knickers and briefs are crucial components to all women’s underwear collections. Just like bras, there’s multiple styles of briefs and it’s often hard to know which one to go for. From shorts and high-waisted briefs to brazilians and thongs, we’ve got something for everyone at BraForMe, as well as all the information to go with it.

What are Women’s Briefs?

Women’s briefs are simply a type of underwear, coming in a range of styles, shapes and sizes, with each having different features and designs to suit different needs. Let’s go through the different styles.

It’s also important to note what the term ‘no VPL’ is, as this is a big part of determining what briefs you’re looking for. No VPL is an abbreviation for no visible panty line, simply meaning that it won’t show underneath clothing. If you need more information on no VPL, head to Know Your Knickers: No VPL Meaning.

What are the Different Types of Women’s Underwear?

  • Briefs, full briefs or full knickers. Briefs are a more general term for women’s underwear/knickers, offering a good amount of coverage on both the front and back. Briefs are one of the most popular everyday styles, providing full comfort and most often no visible panty lines. They’re also normally made from soft cotton or synthetic fabrics, adding to the comfort. If a brief is referred to as ‘full’, this means it provides complete coverage. 
  • Thongs. Thongs are a type of women’s underwear providing minimal coverage on the bottom. With less coverage, they’re one of the sexier styles, but are also perfect for wearing underneath tight-fitting clothing. They’re available in a range of styles, designs and fabrics, meaning that there’s a thong out there to suit anyone. Look out for a seamless thong for everyday wear with no VPL.
  • Bikini briefs. Inspired by the swimwear style, bikini briefs are a women’s underwear style designed with a low-rise, high cut leg and light bottom coverage. They’re better coverage than a thong, but much less than a full brief.
  • Shorts or Boyshorts. Think of men’s boxers and picture a version for women. Shorts (often referred to as boyshorts) are another great style for everyday wear and comfort. Designed with wider sides, they sit on top of the leg, just like a pair of shorts. They’re going to have visible lines under tight clothing unless they’re referred to as seamless or no VPL, and they’re perfect for wearing underneath dresses to give you some extra protection.
  • Brazilian knickers. A combination of bikini and thong, brazilians are a low-rise women’s underwear style with wider sides. They typically have no VPL (although you should always check this), and usually have a lace or cut fabric detail on the back.
  • Hipster briefs. Think of boyshorts and bikini briefs and blend them together. Hipsters sit on your hips and are low-rise, offering more leg coverage and being suited to wearing alongside bottoms with a low waistline.
  • Tanga briefs. Tangas have more coverage than a thong but less than a bikini, making them another versatile style great for everyday wear.
  • High-Waisted briefs. An option to provide more coverage over the stomach, sitting high on the waist. Most shapewear is high-waisted, as this squeezes your stomach in to create a smooth silhouette. High-waisted briefs are best worn with high-waisted jeans to ensure extra comfort and prevent the knickers from slipping down.
  • Seamless knickers. Seamless is another word for no VPL, meaning that the fabric has no seams/hems and is going to have a smooth, flat look underneath clothing. All styles of women’s underwear can be seamless.
  • Rio and Italian. These types of briefs are more specific to Prima Donna and Marie Jo, although Aubade also offer Italian briefs. Rio provides fuller coverage and is most often seamless, whilst Italians are lower rise with less back coverage.
  • Midi and Maxi briefs. These two styles are more specific to brands Triumph and Sloggi, although most other brands offer the equivalent of them. Maxi briefs are essentially full briefs, offering complete coverage with a high-rise and high-waist. Midi briefs sit nicely on the waistline with wide sides.

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