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Number one in the UK for Sports Bras, Shock Absorber will make you feel incredibly supported when working out. Providing comfortable Sports Bras to be worn during high-intensity exercise activities. They are produced by Breast Protection experts, so you can trust you’re getting the best quality.

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Shock Absorber

A shock absorber sports bra will change your life. With unbeatable support, comfort and security, their sports bras are one of the leading brands in the space. Shock Absorber have won a range of awards in the space and for good reason. Boasting an impressive 78% reduction in breast movement, their sports bras do an exceptional job of protecting you.

Why do you need a Sports bra? Sports bras are needed to provide extra support and positioning for women’s’ breasts during exercise and vigorous exercise. Did you know that your breasts are only held in place with skin and a ligament called Cooper’s ligament? This means that over time both can stretch as a result repeated impact. As this damage is irreversible, it’s essential that you wear the correct sports bra for exercising.

What should I look for when buying a Sports Bra? Great question. It can be really confusing figuring out what makes a good or a bad sports bra and understanding what qualities you need in a sports bra. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some of Shock Absorber’s key features that make it a premium sports bra brand:

Breathability and Moisture Wicking Comfort is key in a sports bra. Luckily, a shock absorber bra is designed with breathable fabrics, allowing for air circulation that keeps you cool while you exercise. Partnered with this, this material draws sweat from the body, keeping your skin dry to avoid rubbing.

Support and Durability Having a high support sports bra means it needs to be durable. Whether you’re doing yoga or playing squash, shock absorber sports bras offer optimal support and protection. Look out for Low impact, medium impact, and High impact sports bras. Depending on the type of physical activity you’re performing you need to be wearing the correct bra.

Low Impact – for light exercise such as yoga, pilates, a light walks or stretching.

Medium Impact – For fitness activities such as hiking or cycling.

High Impact – For high intensity sports such as running, tennis or cardio.

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