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Full Cup Bras

Full Cup bras cover the entire breast, making them ideal for women with bigger busts who want to support and minimise their cleavage. Designed with features to provide comfort and complete support, full cup bras are an essential to those with fuller boob sizes and shapes.

Full Cup Bras

What is a Full Cup Bra?

Full cup bras are pretty much exactly what they sound like: bras with full cups that cover the whole of the breast. They’re especially popular amongst people with larger boob sizes or fuller shapes, as they provide excellent support and comfort, without any overspill.

They’re usually designed with three section cups and side panelling which lift and shape the breast, whilst containing all of the breast, reducing bumps and bulges.

There’s all sorts of styles that can come alongside a full cup, with the most popular being full cup side support bra, full cup t-shirt bra, full cup wireless bra and moulded full cup bra. 

Does Full Cup Bra Mean It’s Padded?

If a bra is labelled as a full cup, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s padded. Full cup simply means the shape of bra (it’s a full cup that encapsulates all of the breast), and full cup bras can come as both padded bras and non-padded bras. If you’re looking for a padded bra, you need to check the title or description of the bra to check that it definitely has padding.

Is the Full Cup Bra a Minimiser?

Minimiser bras will typically be full coverage, as full cup bras cover the entire breast, and therefore have a minimising effect by reducing breast bounce. If you’re specifically looking for a minimiser bra, you need to find one that explicitly states it is a minimiser or it has a minimising effect. Do not assume that because a bra is a full cup it is also a minimiser. 

Should You Wear a Full Cup Bra?

You should absolutely try wearing a full cup bra if you have a fuller bust or softer breast tissue. They’re made to provide comfort and support in all the places you need it, so if you’ve got bigger breasts and are struggling to find a bra that properly supports you, a full cup is probably exactly what you need.

Whilst they’re best suited to those with a larger bust size, full cup bras can be worn by anyone with a fuller boob shape. Check out the guide on Types of Boobs to see if you’d be suited to a full cup. 

When Should You Wear a Full Cup Bra?

Full cup bras are best worn under less revealing clothing, unless they’re also a t-shirt bra. Because they’re full coverage, the cups cover the tops of the breasts, so if the bra doesn’t have flat seams, the edges will show under tight clothing. T-shirt bras are designed to be worn underneath tight-fitting clothing, meaning that they’ll either be seamless or have flat seams, and therefore won’t show under clothes.

If you’re looking for a bra to wear under something with a low or V-shaped neckline, balcony and plunge are your best style choices, as neither of these will be visible. Even if a full cup is also a t-shirt bra, it will show underneath low-cut clothing, due to it covering the whole of the breast.

Recommendations: Full Cup Bra with Side Support

For a full cup with side support, Fantasie Illusion bra is the one to go for. It’s similar to the Fantasie Fusion bra, only with more support. Featuring three-piece cups, side support panels and a flat lace top cup, it provides lift, forward projection and flexibility. It also includes a two layer opaque wing, which furthers support and anchorage with a stitch-free finish.

Available in sizes D-J in a variety of neutral colours, this is the perfect full cup bra for anyone with a larger size looking for side support. 

Full Cup Underwire Bra

Most full cup bras will be underwired, as wiring is another feature that adds support to the bra (this isn’t guaranteed though, so make sure to check). For the best full cup underwire bra, we recommend the Elomi Cate. 

The Cate includes side support panelling, an elasticated neck edge and powernet wing, meaning that it provides anchorage, support and ease of fit. It’s also unpadded with smooth cups, meaning that it gives a round shape with great uplift and separation. 

Available in sizes DD-K in over 10 different colours, this is another excellent full cup bra.

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That's everything you need to know about full cup bras, but if there's anything you're unsure of, you can contact us. Our team are always on hand to help, and we're always more than happy to give you some lingerie recommendations!

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