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Tanga Briefs

Similar to a thong but with a little more coverage, Tanga briefs are the style in between a thong and a bikini. A comfy everyday option perfect for under any outfit where you don’t want your knicker line to show.

Tanga Briefs

What Is a Tanga Brief?

If you love to wear Thongs you will love a Tanga! Very similar in style, the Tanga offers more coverage on the cheeks (but not less than a Bikini style.) With minimal coverage, a Tanga brief provides no VPL, a seamless look under clothing. Perfectly paired with a bodycon dress or tight cycling shorts, you won’t need to worry about those visible panty lines. Tanga knickers also feature a slimmer band at the side, which is incredibly flattering and sexy. 

Like most briefs and knickers, Tangas are available in a wide range of fabrics, so you can find a pair which is comfortable to you and won’t cause any irritation or rubbing. Cotton Tangas, Microfibre Tangas, Lace Tangas, whatever the occasion this style is suitable for all shapes and sizes. 

At BraForMe, we aim to provide women with lingerie that makes them feel confident and fantastic. It’s easy to get lost when finding new lingerie that’s completely perfect for your body shape, that’s why we ensure we stock a mixture of brands and styles so that there is a solution for everyone. If there isn’t a Tanga brief you like the look of, shop all our other brief styles to find your ideal match, we suggest trying a thong or Brazilian brief. 

Alternatively, if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Get in touch, and our team will be happy to listen and assist where possible.

Are Tangas and Thongs the Same?

Not quite! Although very similar in style, the key difference between a Tanga and a Thong is the side band. Tanga briefs are exceptionally flattering as they expose more of your leg/hip than a thong. Thongs tend to have more material on the side band connecting the front and back.