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Sloggi Size Guide

Sloggi is the brand if you're looking for comfort and fit. It uses Alpha sizing across all products (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL), so it's important to understand what your Sloggi size is in comparison to your regular chest and cup size. Refer to the tables below for our easy Sloggi size guides.

If you're unsure of your starting size, find our guide on How to Measure For Bra Size. We've got a whole collection of guides around fitting, sizing and even how to wash underwear the correct way, so if you've got any questions, head straight over.

Sloggi Bra Size Guide UK

sloggi bra size guide uk

Sloggi ZERO Feel Size

Sloggi's ZERO Feel collections measure slightly different to their normal products. Don't panic though, we've got this covered too! This applies to ZERO Feel, ZERO Feel Lace, ZERO Feel Natural and ZERO Feel Soft and Ultra bras.

sloggi zero feel size guide

Sloggi Women's Knickers

Now you're sorted with your Sloggi bra size, make sure that you've got the matching briefs in the right size. Simply measure the smallest part of your waist alongside the widest part of your hips (in centimetres) with a flexible tape measure. Take these measurements and refer to our Sloggi brief size guide below.

sloggi womens knickers size guide

Sloggi Styles

  • Bralettes, Tops and Non Wired Bras - all Sloggi bra styles are wireless, so these products will differ between whether they're a pull-over style, if they have a back fastening or how much support and coverage they provide
  •  Hipster Brief - a low-waisted brief
  •  Maxi Brief - a full coverage brief with a high waist and classic leg cut
  •  Midi Brief - a half brief with a lower waist and classic leg cut
  •  Mini and String - a classic thong style with minimal coverage
  •  Shorts - classic short style
  • Tai Brief - a high cut leg
  •  Tanga Brief - more coverage than a thong, less than a regular brief
  • Shirts - classic vests with all the added Sloggi comfort

Sloggi Underwear Care

The good news is that Sloggi underwear is machine washable! Follow our top tips to making sure you get the most out of your Sloggi collection.

  • Always wash and separate by colour: whites, brights and darks
  • Always wash new items separately as the colours are more at risk of running
  • The label states the maximum temperature to wash your clothes at: we advise to always wash at 30° (unless it's an emergency!)
  • Always use a mild, gentle wash cycle. Our best advice would be to hand-wash your bras if you can
  • Don't overload the washing machine and always pick a gentle spin cycle
  • Let your Sloggi items air dry! It's better for the product and for the environment (but we're sure you know that by now)

If you're unsure of anything else or want more information on hand-washing, follow our guide to How to Wash Underwear.

And that's everything you need to know to find the perfect Sloggi underwear. You can also check out our Sloggi Collection. Any questions? Get in touch!


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