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how to wash underwear
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How to Wash Underwear

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If you’re wondering how to wash underwear or how to care for your lingerie, then you’ve come to the right place. Our handy guide will lead you through how to hand-wash underwear, how to wash period underwear and everything else you need to know to look after your lingerie properly.

Bra Care

  • Your bras should be kept store in a drawer, ideally nested together with the cups spread lengthwise. 
  • You should aim to replace your bras every six months or so, but this might become more urgent after pregnancy, weaning or change in weight.
  • Bras should be washed roughly every 2-4 wears and it's always best to hand-wash them. Most places highly recommend this to ensure longevity from the product! Harsher cleaners will wear down the bra elastic, so no matter how you wash, make sure it’s with something gentle.

How to Hand-Wash Underwear

  1. Use lukewarm water and a gentle detergent, preferably one specifically for delicates.
  2. Soak garments for around one hour.
  3. Gently rub the fabric together before removing from the water, in order to lift any excess dirt and oils.
  4. Rinse with cool water until this runs clear.
  5. Press the bra or undergarment in between two towels to remove any excess moisture before hanging dry.

How to Wash Period Underwear

  • It's usually recommended (as with most garments) that you wash them on a 30° wash before your first use, so definitely keep this in mind.
  • After use, it's always a smart and more hygienic idea to rinse the knickers under cold water until the water runs clear (you can guess why). Then, you're free to wash them in the machine on a 30° wash.
  • It's best not to use softener or bleach, as these will impact how well your pants work.
  • It's also recommended to not tumble dry or iron them, so give them a good wash and then hang out to dry.
  • You also don't necessarily need to wash them on their own, so knowing this could save you on a washing load or two!

How to Machine Wash Underwear

Make sure to always check the label of your underwear for specific care before choosing to machine wash. It's also important to note that it's recommended to hand-wash bras, as this will cause less damage to them and ensure longevity. 

  1. If you're washing bras, hook each one together by the back, in order to ensure that they don’t snag or lose shape.
  2. Only wash with similar colours on their own and place the undergarments in a lingerie bag (this is very important in ensuring protection).
  3. Use a gentle, alcohol-free detergent and wash on a delicate cycle (in cool water).
  4. Do not wring bras, always hang the underwear to dry.

How Often Do You Replace Underwear?

Underwear should be replaced every 6-12 months, but provided you're washing and caring for it properly, it can last for a while. However, if you're holding on to a pair of knickers from 2009, this is your sign to throw them now!

Underwear Tips:

  • Never wring out moisture or put in a dryer.
  • T-Shirt bras, or bras with moulded cups, need reshaping by hand before letting dry.

Bra Fitting

There's a lot to get to grips with and it might seem a bit overwhelming, which is why we've got a complete set of bra fitting guides to follow to help get the perfect fit. You can follow each guide to take you through the individual fitting steps, or you can head straight to whichever one you need now.


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