How Should a Bra Fit?

It’s one thing to get your measurements and know what your size should be (in theory), but bra fitting is an entirely different story. There’s so many different questions, from how a bra cup should fit, to how to tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra size. All are equally important in ensuring that you get the most comfortable fit and aren’t left wearing the wrong bra. Let’s separate the bra into four sections to explain how to tell if your bra is fitting properly…

Sections of the Bra

The Band

Having an underband that fits perfectly and comfortably is super important, as the band provides most of the support for your boobs (around 80% in fact!)

The band should:

  • Be firm fitting, but comfortable
  • Be the same level around your bust, without riding up or digging in

Tip: You should be able to pull the underband out from your side around 2 inches from the back, without it feeling loose.

Note: If the band is too tight, it’s likely to cause back fat or a bra bulge, as a tight band pushes skin and fat outward. If you’ve got back fat, you need a bigger band!

We recommend that when buying a new bra to ensure it fits on the loosest fastening, this allows you to tighten it over time when the band begins to stretch.

The Underwire and Centre

The underwire should:

  • Sit flat on the top of your rib cage and sit comfortably along to under your armpits
  • NOT sit on your boob or on top of breast tissue

If the underwire is sitting on top of breast tissue, you aren’t getting the correct support. This can lead to breast damage, soreness or sagging. Ouch!

The centre of the bra should:

  • Lie flat against your chest without digging in, rubbing or poking out

Note: If the centre is digging in or rubbing, this is a sign that your band size is too small. Alternatively, if you find it’s poking out or sitting loose, your band size is too big! 

The Cups

The bra cups should:

  • Fully enclose both boobs, without any bulging or over-spill (no one likes a quad boob!)
  • Lie flat, with the top of the cup sitting comfortably around your breast without digging in 
  • NOT wrinkle or feel loose on the top cup - this means the cup is too big

Note: If the top of the cup is digging in, or creating a bulge, then the cup doesn’t fit properly and is most likely too small. If a non-padded cup is wrinkling on the edges or not sitting flush on your boob, your bra cup is too big. With a padded cup bra you will notice it gape at the top.

The Straps

The straps should:

  • Sit comfortably at the centre of your shoulder, without digging in or feeling like they’re pulling
  • NOT slip down or be loose fitting

Tip: If your straps are falling down or digging in, you may be wearing the wrong style of bra. Check out our bra style guide for more advice on what bra type is best suited to you!

Five Things to Remember:

  1. The band of the bra should be straight and level. It shouldn’t ride up
  2. Straps should always stay in place without digging or falling
  3. Your breasts should fill the cups without over-spilling
  4. Underwire needs to surround each breast, without pinching
  5. The bra needs to lay flat between the breasts, not be lifting off the chest

Fitting and Care

  • Our bodies are forever changing, so we recommend that you get a bra fitting every six months
  • Always try on bras once you think you’ve found your size - if you’re not comfortable, it doesn’t fit
  • Think you can’t find a bra that fits or you’re wearing the wrong bra? Don’t worry, you can! If you follow our guide, you’ll be wearing the right bra in no time
  • If you’re unsure on how to care for your bra or how often to change it, check out our care guide here


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