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By Alicia Drinkwater on

Finding the Best Lace Bra

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A lace bra is timeless, and that’s a fact. They’re delicate, feminine and elegant, making stunning lingerie pieces that flatter all body sizes and shapes.

Lace itself has been around for centuries, with handmade lace dating all the way back to fifteenth century Italy and machine-made lace starting to make huge developments in the early nineteenth century. So there’s clearly a reason for the everlasting popularity of lace and why lace bras are so in demand…

What is a Lace Bra?

A lace bra is simply a bra made out of lace. The amount of lace can vary, and it might be used in different designs, with various other fabrics or in all sorts of styles. There’s different types of lace and individual ways of designing with it, so there’s really not one simple answer.

Lace is a particularly luxurious fabric, and it really does take a lot of time and effort to create a garment using it. Good lace bras will typically:

  • Provide a soft, flexible fit, suitable for all shapes and sizes
  • Be supportive, flattering and lifting
  • Have a more relaxed cup, allowing the bra to mould closely to the body 
  • Ensure a breathable, light, airy feel, suitable as an everyday bra and for all occasions

And some will even be seamless… The features completely vary depending on how the bra has been designed and what it’s intended to do, but above all else, you can guarantee that a good lace bra will make you look and feel beautiful.

Are Lace Bras Comfortable?

A good (it’s important to emphasise this, because like any other bra type, if you’re buying something cheap and poor quality, it’s not going to be the same) lace bra will be very soft and comfortable. This is exactly why they’re so popular! 

Are Lace Bras Itchy?

Again, a good lace bra shouldn’t be itchy. Lace is a soft, luxurious fabric and if it’s high-quality, it’s unlikely to be uncomfortable. If it's causing irritation, then there could be a number of reasons. It might:
  • Need washing first (see below on how to hand-wash). If it’s been manufactured in a particular way with a specific agent, then it might need to be thoroughly washed first to remove any starch from the fabric
  • Not be suitable for your skin-type. If you suffer with allergies or sensitive skin, lace might be a trigger 

How to Hand-Wash Lace Bras

Let’s get this out of the way first: you should never machine wash your lace bras. They need gentle care and whilst it might not immediately destroy your bra, it will greatly affect the longevity of it. I know it’s easier, but if you’re investing in a good lace bra, then you need to look after it too. Here’s five easy steps to hand-washing your lace bras.

  1. Fill your sink or a big tub with cool water and a gentle detergent 
  2. Put the lace bras in and squeeze them gently in the water
  3. Let them soak for 15-30 minutes
  4. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, making sure to press the water out of the bras without ringing or scrubbing
  5. Lay the lace bras flat to dry - don’t even think about putting them in a dryer!

Types of Lace

What is Stretch Lace?

Stretch lace is a type of lace that is usually crafted alongside Lycra, in order to make it stretch. This allows the lace to be used in a wide range of styles and designs, making it even more versatile.

What is All-Over Lace?

All-over lace is usually wide with no finished edge, and is used to cover larger areas of lace. So for example, an all-over lace bra is one that is entirely lace, or is covered mostly in lace.

What is Leavers Lace?

The Leavers Machine was made in 1813 and is named after its inventor, John Levers. This machine was one of the most significant developments for modern lace, with Leavers lace still being very popular today. It's a fine style of lace, usually detailed with intricate patterns.

Chantilly lace is also a type of Leavers lace. It features a disrupted pattern surrounded by tulle and is used to make luxurious, high-end lingerie. 

What is Jacquard Lace?

Jacquard lace is distinctive due to the way that its front and back sides look identical, whereas typical lace looks different on the reverse side. It's also super smooth and luxurious.

What is Galloon Lace?

Galloon lace is a type of lace crafted with a scallop design on each side, with symmetrical pieces being taken from the same bit of fabric.

What is Flounce Lace?

Flounce lace has no set width but uses two differing styles of edge, and is also typically used for scalloped edging.

Lace Bras

There are SO many different types and styles of lace, so it's impossible to get through everything, but hopefully this gives you an idea of just how complex lace bras really are! Aside from being undeniably beautiful, they really are crafted through so much hard work, so if you're wondering if a lace bra is worth it, then the answer is definitely yes.

Anything I haven't answered? Message the team here and we'll do everything we can to help.

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