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By Rebecca Stevens on

PrimaDonna: Style and Optimal Fit

  • Lingerie Lowdown

PrimaDonna are expanding their size range of lingerie for sizes up to a K cup. This is in response to the growing average cup size among women. The Orlando and Deauville series are two of the brand's most iconic and well-fitting styles, so they have been expanded to accommodate the larger sizes. This commitment to creating on-trend, well-fitting lingerie for all women is what sets PrimaDonna apart from the rest. 

How do you increase the cup size of a bra?

It is important that although a larger cup size, you still achieve a perfect fit. This involves more than just releasing a bra in a bigger cup. Primadonna designers aim to create lingerie for all women that is perfect fitting and offers unsurpassed support. Therefore, creating a bigger cup size is a long and technical process of finding the right material and embellishments to ensure the perfect fit and finish. This is the only way to guarantee the same stylish look and comfortable support in the K cup as the D cup.

Tested and Approved

Primadonna don’t just create stunning, perfect fitting lingerie for all inclusive sizes off the back of their own hands. To achieve unprecedented results, they listen to the needs and wishes of all women who wear their bras. From loyal customers to their very own fitting models. Each style and series is tested until the fit is faultlessly perfect.

One of Prima donna’s pattern makers, and fitting model Linde - “Does the centre gore lie flat against the chest? Do the straps fit comfortably without pinching?’ Every detail is tested during the fitting process. Things you might not notice with smaller cup sizes could prove problematic for larger cup sizes. By having real women with different cup sizes try on each new style, I can filter out potential problems at an early stage. I regularly try on our new prototypes to make sure that women with larger breasts don’t have to choose between style or comfort.” 

Support, Comfort and Style

The bras made for larger cup sizes lift and centre the breasts for an incredible fit, with extra deep cups and sturdier straps for excellent support and comfort. The cups are lined with a high-quality fabric which offers extra support.

Other than unbeatable support, comfort is a high priority as well. Primadonna ensures the underwire is flexible and moves with the body. For comfort, it is covered with 3 layers of fabric, making it soft and comfortable to wear. Support and comfort is ticked off the list first, and then comes style. Although bigger sizes, Primadonna never compromise on style. You will find the same stylish look as smaller cup sizes, elegant designs that flatter your figure and boost your confidence!

If you are a Primadonna fan you will know of the iconic Orlando and Deauville series. Both amazing fit and elegant, feminine designs. And now with sizes soon available in up to a K cup, every woman can find a perfect fitting, comfortable and supportive bra that is stylish and luxurious from Primadonna. 

Primadonna Deauville

One of our best selling ranges, featuring the Full Cup bra with Side Support and the Comfort Wire bra. The Full Cup bra provides full coverage, support, natural uplift and forward projection for a desired fit under clothing. Similarly, the Comfort Wire bra is Full Cup and provides exceptional support and uplift while featuring flexible underwiring. Its cups have an elasticated top section which helps keep the bra in position. Both styles possess a delicate embroidered design, with semi-sheer detailing. Available now up to a K cup in colours Night Shadow blue, Black, Scarlet, Caffe Latte and Natural

Primadonna Orlando

Another popular series by Primadonna, featuring the Orlando Full Cup bra. Made with a beautiful French lace with a leaf design. The cup is three-piece, providing optimal support, coverage and uplift. Currently available in a stunning Deep Cherry colourway. Up to a K cup in White, coming soon.

To you…

No matter your size, every woman deserves a perfect fitting bra that provides great support and shape. Primadonna and daughter brand Marie Jo can promise perfect fitting, luxury lingerie that lasts. If you are looking for exceptional quality lingerie, you are looking at the correct brands. Shop our full range of Primadonna, or Marie Jo lingerie.

Our aim is to provide all women with lingerie that fits perfectly and that they will fall in love with. So at BraForMe, we make sure we stock a wide variety of unique styles, colours and inclusive sizes, so there is something for everyone. Get in touch today, if you can’t find what you’re looking for and our excellent customer service team will do their very best to assist where possible.

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