Best Side Support Bras

What is a side support bra?

A side support bra is normally a medium or full coverage bra with additional support for security and anchorage. The support is provided through sectioned cups, side panels and strong side wings.

Side support panels strengthen the edges of the cup providing uplift and forward projection. The panels/wings are near the underarm and prevent any unwanted over spill, creating a smooth silhouette by pushing the breast tissue to the centre of the cups. 

When buying new lingerie, ease of fit, comfort and support are usually 3 main features a woman looks for in her next bra. With hundreds of unique styles and fits, sometimes buying a new bra isn’t as easy as it seems. If you have a larger bust, are fuller at the sides, or just want the utmost support you can get from a bra, a bra with good side support may be an ideal solution.



  • Side wings are a wider piece of fabric that forms under your underarm and joins up to the straps at the back. Unlike other styles which have a narrow underband that lies straight across your back.
  • Side panels are a strengthened section of the cup which joins the straps at the apex
  • Side support bras tend to have three-section or four-section cups, which have panels that make up the cup of the bra. Four section cups have a panel at the side, which strengthens the bra and is where the additional side support comes from. 
  • Additional boning in the wing for firm support and strength
  • Wider straps to lift the breasts, and to prevent strap slippage

Although side support bras tend to have extra fabric and larger features, they don't always compromise on style. Some feature lace on the side wings, or have side panels which are crafted from a contrasting colour or fabric. No matter your shape or size, it's important that your bra gives you the support you need whilst making you feel confident and fabulous.

So, what does a side support bra do?

Side Support bras provide the optimal support and lift you need. The additional features strengthen the bra and push your breast tissue to the centre with forward projection. These bras prevent any unwanted spillage at the sides, and give a smooth silhouette. 

Due to the nature of a side support bra, they are best suited to women who have a fuller bust. You will most likely find that side support bras are full cups. Styles you may find with side support are moulded bras, t-shirt bras, minimiser bras or plunge bras. It's unlikely you will find a bralette with additional side support. If you have wide set breasts or find your breast tissue escaping out the cups (when wearing the correct bra size) a side-support bra may be a great option for you!

What is the best bra for side support?

With a mixture of designer brands, all with unique aims and markets, at BraForMe we can ensure you will find a bra that provides you with optimal support and comfort. To remove some of the hard work, we have curated a small list of side support bras which are a mixture of:

1. Popular among our customers

2. Our recommendations

Starting with a couple of key favourites from one of our top selling brands Fantasie lingerie.

Did you know? Recommended by Fantasie, a test to see whether you would benefit from a side support bra is by reaching your arms out in front of you and pretending you’re moving a steering wheel. If you feel any friction at the side of your arms then a side support bra may be worth a try! Additionally, if there's too much movement you might need to get measured again and go down a bra size.

fantasie side support

Fantasie Fusion Side Support Bra

Named the foundation of lingerie wardrobes for Fantasie customers. This modern, soft handle full cup bra with three-piece up and side support is a timeless classic, available in a wide range of gorgeous colours to suit your style. The wide wire combined with a powernet wing gives great anchorage and support. Its cups feature an elasticated edge for ease of fit, with soft handle striped jacquard fabric. Finished with a tie back to give central pull and to prevent any strap slippage. 

fantasie fusion bra

Fantasie Illusion Side Support Bra

Another popular Fantasie bra, which is full cup with side support. Featuring a double layer deep opaque wing with a stitch-free seamless finish. The feminine flat lace design on the top of the cup features a stretch band for ease of fit. Similar in shape to the Fusion, the Illusion has a three-section cup with tow back for centre pull. Available in a range of beautiful colours there’s a style for everyone.

fantasie illusion bra

Freya Offbeat Side Support Bra

A Freya Side support bra with a four piece cup. This bra features an additional laminated side panel for forward projection and support. The side wing and tow back offers centre pull and prevents strap slippage. This lace bra is super sweet and feminine, with a contrasting colour strap. Available in 4 beautiful colours with matching brief styles. Ideal for those with a petite figure and bigger bust. Also available as a plunge style (without side support) with a gated back. 

freya offbeat bra

Elomi Cate Side Support Bra

Elomi lingerie, made for fuller bust women. ‘A bra that will never let you down,’ the Elomi Cate range featuring the Underwired Full Cup bra with side support. This bra features a three-piece cup with a side support panel for excellent uplift and separation. Its cups feature a flat stylish sheer embroidery which has minimal show through clothing. With the strap positioning you are guaranteed minimal strap slippage, optimal support and everyday comfort. Available in a wide range of colours, this bra is a staple lingerie piece. Also available in a non-wired style for ultimate comfort.

elomi cate bra

If you find that your bra is causing over spillage or rubbing at the sides, you may need to go up a size or try a side support bra. If we were to list all the side support bras we stock, you would be reading for a while, so to keep things simple and easy we have a section just for side support bras - check it out here.

At BraForMe we want to help you find your next favourite bra, so if you need additional help, please get in touch. We are happy to help you find the best bra for lift and side support that suits your body shape and bra size! As you probably know, bras come in a wide range of styles other than side support, check out our bra style guide to find out which bra style may be best suited to you.

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