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By Rebecca Stevens on

Sports Bras for Women - How Should a Sports Bra Fit?

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When working out or even going for a brisk walk, it’s important to protect your boobs. As much as you do throughout the day with your usual everyday bra. With the popularity of the gym and keeping active nowadays, there are so many different supportive sports bras out there to choose from. A sports bra should decrease movement, be comfortable and feel good! And who said Sports bras can’t be stylish too?

I bet you’re wondering what is the best sports bra to buy? Or even how should a sports bra fit? From underwire sports bras and our recommendations for the best sports bras for larger breasts, we are here to help you find the right one for you. 

What is a sports bra? What does a sports bra do?

Sports bras are designed to be worn when performing any level of exercise. They are usually made with soft fabrics which are moisture wicking, meaning when you sweat your bra will absorb any moisture build up and is quick drying - no more sweat patches!

You can get sports bras for all types of activity level, low impact for activities such as walking, yoga or pilates, medium impact for more vigorous exercise such as a light jog or cycling, and high impact for intense exercising such as running, cardio or HIIT. Good sports bras help prevent any breast damage and movement and essentially should be super comfy.

How should a Sports bra fit?

Most Sports bras have adjustable straps, supportive cups and moisture wicking features. They usually feel a little tight but don’t let this put you off! The tightness prevents excessive breast movement. 

We suggest going for a sports bra that is your usual bra size. It should fit snug to your body and stay in place, it may feel uncomfortable compared to your usual bra, but tight is good (not too tight you can’t breathe). If you feel it is a little too tight, is compressing your boobs too much, and will cause irritation, then try the next size up!

Can sports bras damage your breasts?

If you are wearing a high quality sports bra that fits correctly, you are heading in the right direction to preventing breast damage. All women have a ligament in their breasts called a Cooper ligament, these ligaments as well as breast tissue can be damaged if you aren’t wearing correctly fitting, supportive bras. And everyone wants to avoid damage, stretch marks or breast sag right? 

That’s why it is a necessity that you are buying the correct size bras. Whilst also making sure your sports bra is providing the level of support you need for the type of exercise you are doing.

High quality, comfy sports bras aren’t necessarily expensive either. There is a good range of cheap sports bras on the market that offer fantastic support and comfort. As a reseller we regularly update our collections so don’t miss out on any women's sports bras sale. 

Which brand is best for Sports Bras?

At BraForMe we stock some of the bestselling, high quality sports bras from top lingerie brands including Freya, Elomi and Shock Absorber. We will tell you which of these brands has some of the best Sports bras for large breasts, and those which are popular for all cup sizes.

1. Elomi Energise Sports Bra - Black, White, Nude and Navy Geo.

Suitable for high impact sports, this bra by Elomi is underwired, has three-piece cups and side support to shape, compress and uplift. Its smooth microfibre fabric wicks away any moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable.

The adjustable straps feature an optional J hook for racerback straps, depending on your desired fit. Excellent high impact sports bras for large breasts, available in up to a K cup! Not forgetting the gorgeous Navy Geo colour option which is super stylish.

elomi energise navy geo

2. Freya collection - Sonic, Dynamic, Epic and Core. 

Freya sports bras are ideal for all cup sizes, ranging from a B to a K cup! 

Freya Sonic - A high performance bra with breathable moulded cups and racerback option. With good coverage and firm underband this bra will provide high support for your next HIIT workout! 

Freya Dynamic - Super lightweight option with no underwire. Suitable for lounging around the house or going on a hike. The soft cup encapsulates the bust, shapes and supports. Available in sizes C-J.

freya sports bras

Freya Epic - For all activity levels, with wide wires and moulded cups with a firm flat underband for good anchorage. Another excellent compression bra for your next run.

Freya Core - A super popular top sports bra for big boobs. With wide curvature wires, firm double fabric, padded straps and a firm under band, this bra provides maximum rated support. From research conducted by the University of Portsmouth this bra reduces movement by 80% - Freya UK.

freya core sports bras

All Freya Sports Bras discussed above are available now in a bright Lime Twist range - and they’re all in the sale! Don’t miss out.

Hopefully you now have some guidance when buying your next Sports Bra! If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be able to point you in the right direction and assist in any way we can.

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