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Summer Hues

Our Summer Hues collection features a fabulous selection of lingerie in a range of stunning colourways and shapes. Think romantic florals, pretty pinks and delicate laces in balconies, plunges and bralettes... Everything you need to add a gorgeous touch of summer to your underwear collection!

Meet the stunning Summer Hues collection, featuring a range of lingerie in bold, bright colours and fabulous patterns. With fine laces, intricate embroidery and floral embellishments, this collection is all about the small details.

Summer in Every Size

We all know the pain of lingerie shopping with a fuller bust - you see something pretty, you go to buy it, it’s not sold in your size, the end… Well, it doesn’t have to be like that! Our Summer Hues collection includes our usual sizing going up to a K cup, because we know that beautiful doesn’t have a size. 

Types of Bra

If you need some help identifying bra styles (we all do from time-to-time), you can find our guide here. This will give you all you need to know on what each bra style does, along with which is most compatible with your boob shape, so you can pick exactly what’s going to look best on you. 

What is a Front Fastening Bra?

A Front Fastening bra is all in the name. Designed just like a normal bra, only with a front fastening instead of the usual back clasp. They come with a variety of different types of opening, just as bras with back closures do. They’re also much smoother to take off than a normal bra - undoing a hook is much easier when you can see it! 

Your Favourite Brands in One Place

This collection features the best of all your favourite brands in their hottest summer styles. We’ve got PrimaDonna’s Madison in two fabulous blue colourways, Wacoal’s Embrace Lace Bras in beautiful Faded Rose and even Gossard’s signature Superboost Lace in the playful Neon Coral and magical Midnight Blue. And if they don’t hit the spot, check out the rest of the collection - it’s guaranteed to impress!