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Marie Jo Size Guide

Just like clothes, different lingerie brands have different sizing. You wouldn't expect two pairs of jeans from two separate shops to fit the same, so you shouldn't make that assumption with bras, either. 

Marie Jo is the brand that focuses especially on smaller or average busts, with their chest sizes going from 30-40 and their cup sizes ranging from A-F. Their styles are elegant, flattering and seek to provide ultimate comfort.

Finding Your Marie Jo Bra Size

Before you do anything, make sure you have a starting size. You're not a fitting expert and we don't expect you to be, so you can't dive head first into bra sizing without some guidance. Start with our guide on how to measure your boobs. This will give you a good baseline for which bra to try first.


  • Marie Jo don't do double cup sizes, so for example, if you usually wear a DD, you'd probably be an E in Marie Jo.
  • Marie Jo cup sizes are global, so once you know your size, you're sorted. Find our international size conversions to convert your baseline size.
marie jo cup conversions

Marie Jo Bra Fit Advice:

Marie Jo has six simple steps to finding the right bra size. They believe that understanding the way your bra fits is more important than numbers, so once you've got a baseline size, you can begin to compare bras based on how they fit against these six key steps.

  1. Firstly, don’t underestimate the importance of the back band - this provides 80% of the bra’s support, so it really is the most crucial thing to get right. Try the hook and finger test: fasten the bra on the middle hook and see if you can get three fingers underneath the clasp. If you can do this without the band riding up, it’s the right size for you.
  2. Secondly, head to the underwire. Underwire needs to encircle the breasts and lie flat against the skin. Try pressing against the underwire: if it pokes into you or bounces back, it’s the wrong style or size bra. If it continues to lie flat on your skin, it’s absolutely fine.
  3. Next, the centre gore. This part joins the cups together, and if the bra fits well, the centre gore will be flat against the chest. If it’s raised and isn’t touching the skin, then it’s an indicator that either your cup, band size or style is wrong.
  4. Then, the cups. If they fit smoothly and flat against the breast, then they're the correct size. However, if there’s any wrinkling or gaping, then you need to get a smaller cup size. If there’s any kind of spillage or digging in, then try a bigger cup size.
  5. Move on to the straps. The straps only provide around 10% of support, but they’re still super important. They should be completely comfortable - this means no pinching or digging. If you can get two fingers under the strap, all is well.
  6. Lastly, ask yourself how this bra makes you feel. Passing the fit check is great, but if you don’t feel good in the bra, then it’s not the right one for you. Marie Jo is all about helping women exude confidence and femininity, so if you’re not feeling this bra, try another style. 

Marie Jo Bra Styling

Finding your size and fit is great, but how do you know what style to go for? Different styles are better for different boob shapes and if you're wearing the wrong style for your shape, you're still not wearing the right bra.

Marie Jo has a huge variety of bra styles, so it’s always good to know what you should look for. Start by considering if you want padded or non-padded, then focus on the style.

You might see the term ‘pre-formed’ floating around, and you might wonder what a pre-formed bra is. Well, pre-formed is just another way of saying padded bra, so it’s nothing to be confused about. Here’s the difference between padded and non-padded Marie Jo bras:

marie jo padded non padded bras difference

Once you’ve decided on that, it’s time for styles. Here’s what you need to know about Marie Jo’s most popular bra styles.

  • Balcony: a revealing style with a straight neckline, far-set straps and slightly higher underwire. Perfect for volume, fullness and lift. 
  • Bralette: a flirtatious triangle style with light cups and no padding. Typically wire-free and coming in tulle, lace and other airy fabrics, this bra is fabulous for emphasising the breast’s natural curves.
  • Full-cup: a rounded style known for providing unmatched support, coverage and comfort. Designed with close-set straps and a high underwire, this bra style is the one for centering and lifting the breasts.
  • Plunge: a sexy style with a lower cut, designed to give you all of the cleavage. This bra features closer-set straps and is available with or without wire. 
  • Push-up: another revealing style with a lower cut, padded cups and closer-set straps. Some push-ups come with removable pads, which is always an added bonus. Great for centering and adding volume.

Marie Jo Signature Bra Styles:

Marie Jo also has two signature styles...

  • Heart-shaped: a beautiful full coverage bra with a heart-shaped, plunging deep neckline. This style is amazing for asymmetrical breasts and those with a lack of volume.
  • Rounded: a padded, round bra with curved lines over the cups. Perfect for a natural, round look.

Marie Jo Briefs

Marie Jo briefs are made to fit true to your regular size, so you're safe to assume your normal size. If you're unsure or need help with any conversions, check out our table below.

marie jo brief size conversion table

And that's everything you need to know to find the perfect Marie Jo lingerie. Any questions? Get in touch!


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