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fantasie ana bra
By Rebecca Stevens on

Bra Types Guide: Which Type of Bra is Best For My Boobs?

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When buying new lingerie, its sometimes difficult to know what style suits you best. Especially when our bodies change shape and size. There are many different bra types/bra styles for all types of boobs which we are going to tell you a little about. Hopefully with a little guidance you’ll be on your way to find the best bra type for your boobs. At BraForMe we have a wide range of branded, good quality bras, and sports bras in all unique styles. Smaller bust or larger band or cup size, we have you covered!

Plunge Bras

A Plunge Bra is perfect for wearing underneath low-cut tops or dresses. It has a deep V neckline which enhances your cleavage, without being push-up. This style gives support and uplift as the cups are angled, and the straps sit wider on the shoulder. A style which is suitable for all breast shapes and sizes.

freya medley plunge bra

Balcony / Balconette Bras

A Balcony or Balconette bra has less coverage to a Plunge but still works well under low-cut neckline clothing. This style is a popular everyday style as it is kept hidden under all clothing. Its cups sit in line across the chest, and the straps are wider set, joining at the side of the cup rather than the centre.

freya daisy balcony bra

Push Up Bras

A Push Up bra does exactly what it says, pushes your boobs up and together. Push Up bras have additional padding at the bottom of the cups to create an uplift. Like padded bras, push up bras give your boobs shape and enhance your silhouette. However, push up bras create a fuller cleavage which is great for those with smaller boobs as it creates a fuller look.

marie jo jane push up bra

Padded Bras

Padded bras have additional padding in the cups to create a round shape, which looks great under clothing. Some padded bra styles have the added push-up padding which creates an overall fuller look and enhances your cleavage. You can get padded plunge, balcony, and full cup bras, it all depends on your preferred overall look.

fantasie rebecca bra

Non-Padded Bras

Non-padded bras show off your natural shape. Created with soft materials with no additional padding, non-padded bras cup the shape of your boobs. Non-padded bras come in a wide range of styles including balcony, plunge, and full cup. With no additional padding, they are great for women with larger busts as they don’t create a fuller look than normal.

fantasie ana bra

Bralettes and Longline Bras

A Bralette is usually non-wired, with no padding. Bralettes have become popular as they are super comfy, especially for those with a smaller bust who don’t necessarily need the support that those blessed with bigger boobs need. But that doesn’t mean women with a bigger cup size can’t wear a bralette, some bralettes are underwired which offers that little bit more support. Longline bras are like bralettes, they look like a bralette but are usually underwired with more support in the cup, a better option for those with a larger cup size!

gossard bralette

Strapless and Multiway Bras

Can you guess what a strapless bra is? A bra with no straps! Strapless bras are great for off the shoulder, halter neck or one shoulder dresses or tops as there’s no straps visible. Strapless bras sometimes feel a bit tighter than your everyday bra. This is because there’s no straps to help hold it up or in place, so the support comes from the cups and the underwire. Most strapless bras come with the option to add straps and offer a range of styles to wear your straps, creating a multiway bra.

ultimate strapless wonderbra

Sports bras

If you’re into sport or exercise, then you need a bra that is going to support and protect your boobs. Sports bras are made for high, medium, and low impact sports. These bras prevent boob movement, sagging and even injury when carrying out physical activities. High Impact Sports Bras are made for more intense activities such as running or cardio exercise. Medium Impact are for less intense activities such as walking/hiking or cycling, and low impact are for activities such as yoga or stretching. If you want to get active, we highly recommend finding a sports bra to wear, at BraForMe we have a wide range of cup size sports bras so make sure to check them out!

freya core sports bra

Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are designed for women that are breastfeeding, they have clips on the front straps to make it easy to pull the cup down for feeding. The cups are soft, breathable and tend to have wider straps, to ensure maximum comfort during and after pregnancy.  

nursing bra

So, what style of bra should I wear?

Hopefully, from a little explanation of each bra type you have a better understanding of what bra is best for you or what style you should wear under certain clothing. If you have a larger bust, we recommend trying a plunge or full cup bra, with additional side support for extra comfort. Smaller bust women we recommend wearing plunge, push-up, or balcony, all will give you support and a natural uplift. If you are still unsure what type is best for you, we are here to help, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team for extra advice or guidance!

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