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what are french knickers?
By Alicia Drinkwater on

Feel Flirty in French Knickers

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We've all heard of French knickers, but what exactly are they? Let's delve into one of the most popular French lingerie styles...

What are French Knickers?

French knickers are a traditional style of underwear designed similarly to a pair of shorts. They’re typically made to be worn from the hip and over the bum, with some of the upper thigh covered. They’re made with an ‘open leg’ style which means that the leg openings are loose/don’t have any elastic. 

Whilst this is how they’re traditionally crafted, many brands have gone on to adapt different designs of French knickers. The most important thing to remember is that they’ll provide full coverage and appear most like a pair of shorts, only with all the added fun and sex appeal you’d expect from French lingerie.

They’re now more wearable on a daily basis, without sacrificing the French charm we all know and love. From lace, to silk and satin, they come in a huge mix of styles, with options for high-waisted or low-waisted coverage.

What is French Underwear?

French knickers stem all the way back to the Victorian era, evolving from the long silk shorts worn underneath clothing by Can-Can dancers. They really began to make a lasting impact from the 1950s onwards, and they're still associated with luxury, comfort and pure style today.

If you're wondering why, think Marilyn Monroe: Seven Year Itch. You know the scene, and even if you've not seen the film, you definitely know. From this point onwards, French knickers became timeless, iconic and a statement fashion symbol.

Are French Knickers Comfortable?

Yes! French knickers are typically loose-fitting with no elastic around the leg opening, making them perfect for everyday wear and also ridiculously comfortable.

As many brands have developed their designs, not all French knickers will be the same. However, given the style that they're based off, they should still be super comfortable.

French Lingerie Brands

At BraForMe, we LOVE French lingerie, and with amazing brands like Aubade, Chantelle and Chantal Thomass, we know you will too.

Whilst each brand is different, they all retain the chicness we know and would expect from French lingerie, making them perfect for adding a bold, sophisticated touch to your underwear collection. Think elegant luxury from Aubade, to classic style with a contemporary edge from Chantal Thomass.

After all, the word 'lingerie' is taken directly from the French language, so you know that if your underwear is from a French brand, it's guaranteed to be fabulous.

We love learning about different styles of lingerie, and we hope you do too! If you've got any other questions that we haven't answered, please get in contact with us here.

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