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By Alicia Drinkwater on

Planning Your New Year's Eve Outfit Around Your Lingerie

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I’m back with even more ideas for the festive season… Only this time, we’re moving onto New Year's Eve. Or, more importantly, your New Year’s Eve outfit. 

By this point, Christmas is out of the way and we’re all preparing ourselves for the dreaded January. It can feel pretty gloomy, which is why you should immediately turn your focus onto New Year’s Eve, continuing this process with each holiday until you’re back at Christmas the year after. January will very quickly be a distant memory.

Anyway, less about the dates, more about the outfit. I’m a strong believer in your lingerie being a big part of your outfit and look. Your underwear is the foundation to what you’re wearing: good lingerie sets you up for a fantastic outfit. Even if no one else is going to see it, it’s all about looking good and feeling confident from the very beginning. 

Which is why we need to talk about your New Year’s Eve outfit. Whether you’re going to a party, planning a fancy date night or staying in with your cat, you can wear lingerie that makes you look and feel incredible. Even if you want to wear your jazziest pyjamas with a killer lingerie set, who says you can’t? More importantly, who’s going to stop you?

New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

There’s no reason you can't wear exactly what you want on New Year’s Eve (or any other day for that matter). Whilst you might already know that, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want a bit of help with your outfit. I for one am a nightmare with insisting that my friend’s must work out what I wear whenever we’re going out, but I do always have the perfect lingerie up my sleeve.

Although I’m not a fashion expert (my wardrobe and impeccable taste does say otherwise), I am a lingerie expert. So, the one thing I can guarantee is that I can recommend the right thing to create the base of your outfit. I can’t tell you exactly what outfit you should be wearing, but I can tell you how to pick out the best lingerie for you.

New Year’s Eve Outfits: Party Time

Wherever you’re going at this time of year, you are going to want something that’s at least going to keep you kind of warm. In my opinion, jumpsuits are the best thing for this. Jumpsuits are so good for so many reasons. The most obvious is that they look amazing, but other than that, they’re comfortable, flexible and semi-warm. 

Anyway, whatever you’re going to wear to a party, or how warm you choose to be, you can always dress yourself up with some flattering lingerie.

First of all, if you’re wearing something with a more revealing neckline, a plunge bra is the way to go. Plunge bras are the best for complimenting and lifting cleavage, so they’re perfect for wearing under low cut clothing to give you a bit of a boost. 

My best recommendation for a plunge bra, which I know I have recommended a thousand times, is Gossard's Superboost Lace collection. There's a couple of different plunge bras included, like ones with removable padding or even a sexy bralette, meaning that there's a style for every size and shape. Plunge bras are a universally flattering bra type, so they're by far the best choice for a night out.

Pair your Gossard bra with a selection of their Superboost briefs (including a sexy thong), and you're good to go.

New Year’s Eve Outfits: Staying In/Inevitably Doing a Fashion Show

My personal favourite. Nights in are the best, and I refuse to argue about that. If you’re staying in, there’s nothing to say you can’t still get dressed up - you’ve just got the added bonus of being able to change into something more comfortable as soon as you want to. 

Whilst you could go for a ball gown, satin pyjamas, plain joggers, or even all three (I did say I wasn’t a fashion expert), you’ve also got the choice of lingerie.

You might not even want to wear any underwear, and in which case, I fully support you. However, if you do, you’ve got the choice of going for something comfortable, in between or full on sexy. Or again, you could include all three in your fashion show.*

For a fabulous mix of comfortable and stylish, I’d go for Freya’s Chill collection. There’s an option for everyone: a Non-Wired Bralette, Demi T-Shirt Bra and a Plunge Bra. They’re all made from super soft fabric with a repeat Freya logo design, making them perfect for relaxing in, without compromising on how they look. Finish your bra with the Thong, Short or Brief, and you're sorted.

freya chill demi bra black
If you want to go for something super sexy and out there, why not explore some Aubade? If you or someone you love has read my blog on Christmas Lingerie, you might have been lucky enough to get some Aubade in your stocking. If you haven’t and you’re still looking for a treat, I can’t think of anything better to recommend. You’ve got a choice of seductive matching sets (which also include comfort bras for a great balance), or the raunchy Boîte à Désir collection, which I’ll let speak for itself.
aubade rosesssence half cup braWhatever look you want to go for, I can guarantee we’ve got something to compliment it on BraForMe. 

*This fashion show is not mandatory, it's just one of my favourite things to do on a night in. A combination of appreciating my ridiculous amount of clothes and letting my inner child have some fun. If you haven’t done it before, do it right now.


New Year's Eve Outfit

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