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By Alicia Drinkwater on

Embrace Your Curves with Plus Size Underwear

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We live in a world where it seems impossible to find plus size underwear, because we're surrounded by the idea that there is only one ideal body size, and lingerie is often designed around this. In reality, though, we're made up of all sorts of different body shapes and sizes, and we need to remember this.

Plus Size Underwear

So when you’re plus size, it might seem hard, and at times impossible, to find the right underwear. It’s also disheartening, because it feels like nothing is being designed with you in mind.

You want your plus size underwear to be:

  • Perfectly-fitting
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Good value for money
  • Durable
  • Stylish

Yet for some reason, it seems like a bra that has all of these things doesn’t exist. It's the same with underwear - the higher the sizing, the more limited it gets. Plus size underwear is typically seen as unfashionable, because it’s usually designed to be basic, boring and unflattering.

Or at least, it was... But things have changed. Body inclusivity and positivity is the most progressive it’s ever been, and more and more brands are catering to plus size women, and even specialising in plus size underwear. We’re finally starting to live in a world that understands it would be impossible for everyone to be one size, and that each size, no matter how high the number, is beautiful!

So you’re bound to have some questions, because finding plus size underwear can still be a bit of a task if you don’t know where to look. But the good news is, it’s out there and it’s waiting for you! The perfect plus size underwear does exist, no matter your size.

What is Plus Size Underwear?

There isn’t really a set answer to this, as the boundary of ‘plus size’ differs with each brand. Some brands don’t always call it plus size either, because whilst you might have a fuller bust, you’re not necessarily ‘plus size’ in other areas of your body. Most lingerie brands tend to class a band size of 38 onwards as plus size, with underwear usually being from size 16 onwards.

How to Measure Plus Size Bra Size

Being plus size doesn’t make your bra measuring process different to anyone else. If you’re unsure how to get your measurements and convert these to your size, then follow our guide on how to measure your boobs here. If you have any questions, contact us here and we can help you through the process!

What is the Best Bra for Plus Size?

If you're on the hunt for a good plus size bra, look out for:

What Underwear Style is Best For Plus Size?

Being plus size doesn't mean you have to wear one particular style of underwear - the world is your oyster! At BraForMe, our briefs range from sizes 8-30, so whether you want support or luxury, we've got the thing for you.

However, if you are looking for a specific feature in your plus size knickers, like no visible lines or something to flatter your stomach, then look out for:

Sexy Plus Size Underwear

Being plus size does not mean that you're not entitled to sexy underwear: your size doesn't dictate your sex appeal! If you want to wear something, wear it. Our sexy lingerie collection has bras up to a 46 band size and knickers up to a size 22, so we've got you sorted for sexy plus size underwear.

Love Yourself

If we've managed to do at least one thing today, we hope that we've reminded you to love yourself. You are beautiful no matter your shape or size, and you should wear underwear that makes you look and feel absolutely incredible. If you've got any questions, or you want a bit more advice on what you should go for, you can find our guide to all-things underwear here, or you can contact us here for a chat!

Psst. Did you know? We ship internationally! No matter where you are, we can provide you with your dream bra. Check out our shipping policy for everything you need to know about timings, prices and returns.


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