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By Rebecca Stevens on

Swimwear Explained: Which Swimwear Style Suits My Body Shape?

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With Summer creeping upon us, we know that Swimwear starts to become a necessity for a woman's wardrobe. Now with the freedom back to visit the beach, hop on a flight abroad or visit a spa, it’s essential you have stylish swimwear that makes you feel comfortable and confident whatever the occasion.

Because swimwear is seasonal, each year, new styles, collections and sets arise which means there is an extensive amount of options to filter through. Everyone has different body shapes too, which makes choosing the right style even harder.

Like lingerie, swimwear should make you feel supported, secure and be perfect fitting. Swimwear is essentially lingerie that is seen by many, so we want to ensure you can find something that positively impacts your confidence, flatters your figure and makes you feel completely holiday ready!

Here at BraForMe, we are adding to our designer collections on a weekly basis. Including updating our swimwear collection, making it full of gorgeous hand picked styles from the luxury brands that you love. You may be thinking to yourself, which swimwear suits my shape? Or how do I find the right swimsuit for my body shape? We are here to answer your questions, and make things as smooth as possible! Whether it's for your next bikini top, underwired swimsuit or tankini set.

Women's Swimwear


Also known as a swimming costume, bathing suit or bath suit.

A very popular style among many, the option with the most coverage. With swimwear forever evolving, the classic bath suit/sports suit is no longer the only style option in this category.

Similar to all the other types of swimwear, swimming costumes are now available in many different shapes. The classic one-piece, off the shoulder, plunge neckline, skirted, bandeau swimsuit and ruched, just to name a few.

Will a swimsuit suit me? If you are looking for great coverage, a cup sized swimming costume, adjustable leg feature, additional tummy control, we recommend a women's swimsuit. The classic swimsuit style tends to have minimal style and no support, which is great for those with a smaller cup size. However, for our bigger busted girls it is almost essential to have the support from underwire, just like bras. But don’t worry, we stock lots of bra sized swimsuits from designer lingerie brands, which are underwired, high quality and offer exceptional support and shape. Shop some of our favourites below.

fantasie verseille

fantasie ottawa swimsuit

What is tummy control swimwear? 

Tummy control swimwear features support in the tummy area from an additional panel or ruching, creating the illusion of a slimmer stomach/waistline. Look at it as shapewear but for your swimming costume. Heavily printed swimwear is also a great way to cover and flatter those areas too!

What does adjustable leg mean?

Adjustable leg swimsuits feature a tie side which allows you to choose the amount of leg coverage. They usually have ruching as well to give you that slimmer tummy controlled look. Try the Santa Monica Adjustable leg swimsuit in Black and White spot print by Fantasie!

Swim Tops:

Tankini / Tankini Tops 

If you want more freedom than a swimming costume but almost equal coverage, a tankini set is a great alternative. With the ability to mix and match a tankini top with different style bottoms, a women's tankini is super versatile.

What is a tankini top? A tankini comes from the term tank top, a sleeveless top similar to a vest. A tankini is essentially a swim suit that has been split into a top and brief. Looking for that additional tummy control in a tankini? We have you covered. Shop the Fantasie Ottawa Twist Front Tankini Top.

fantasie ottawa tankini

Bikini Tops

There are so many cute bikinis on the market, which makes it almost impossible to find a single bikini set you will love. Women's bikinis are the most revealing of all swimwear types and aren’t everyone's top choice. If you are confident enough to wear a bikini, we admire you. No matter your body shape, size or bust size, bikinis are for all women, and we will always encourage you to show off your figure with confidence! Lots of bikini tops are also bra sized, making them just as comfortable, supportive and fitting as bras.

Like swimming costumes, bikini tops come in an array of unique styles. Including full cup, padded bikinis, bandeau, strapless, halter neck, sweetheart, high neck, plunge, high apex, triangle and moulded. Matched with a bikini bottom style of your choice we are positive we have your next beach bikini. 

freya gemini palm swimwear

Bikini Bottoms

The essential item to complete your bikini set. There are a multitude of brief styles which, of course, means there are lots of bikini bottom styles to choose between. Depending on preference you can get high waisted bikini briefs, thong bottoms, tanga briefs, hipsters, side-tie bottoms and even a skirt. High waisted bikini bottoms are great for that additional coverage of the tummy. Tanga briefs and side-tie briefs tend to be very stylish as they feature additional embellishments, such as loops or hoops, or have ties which may feature a cut out design. Why not mix and match your tops and bottoms so you have more than one fit to choose from in your swim collection! 

So, which swimwear style suits my body shape? How do I find the right swimsuit for my body shape?

First of all, it will be helpful to know which type of body shape you have. Whether that's pear shaped, apple, hourglass, inverted triangle or rectangle! We have briefly described them below so once you have found the shape which best describes your figure, continue reading to find out which swimwear styles to look for -

PEAR - A pear shaped figure is typically more bottom heavy with wider hips than the shoulders. Due to wider hips, pear shaped women tend to have a smaller cup size. We recommend adding emphasis to your top half to balance out the attention to your hips. To do this printed, embellished, twist or bandeau bikini tops and swimsuits are great options. Or accentuate your curves by choosing a high-cut leg swimming costume or bikini bottom, which will also make you look taller!

APPLE - If you have an apple shaped figure you usually have slender hips and shoulders with curves and a fuller bust. It is important you have the support for the fuller bust and also a style that defines your waist and flatters your tummy. Tummy control swimwear is ideal for this shape, as well as wrap swimsuits, twist styles and high waisted bikini bottoms.

HOURGLASS - An hourglass figure is a balanced figure, with a full bust, round hips and a slim waistline. It is important to get the support from a bikini or costume with underwire or padding. We recommend a high waist bikini, paired with a sweetheart neckline or halter neck style to really flatter your curves. 

INVERTED TRIANGLE - Inverted triangle body shapes are wider in the shoulder with a fuller bust and narrow hips. With this shape you can play with print and block colours. Drawing attention away from your shoulders and enhancing your waistline, creating the illusion of a curvier look. Choose bikini or swimsuits with wider straps to create the illusion of less broad shoulders.

RECTANGLE - If you have a rectangle shape figure you will tend to have minimal definition, with small hips and shoulders and a slimline waist. Also known as an athletic shape. To add shape and definition, padded bikini tops, ruched tankinis and swimsuits are a great way to enhance your bust area and to create a curvier silhouette. On the other hand, because you don’t need the extra support for your bust you can opt for super stylish styles, including bandeaus and deep v-necklines. 

With swimwear explained and recommendations for swimwear to flatter your body shape, we hope you are well on your way to finding your next swimwear option for your next holiday or beach trip. All our designer brands provide high quality styles so you are guaranteed an excellent fit and long lasting swimwear to keep you feeling fabulous this summer! Don’t forget to browse through our swimwear sale to find stylish swimwear at amazing prices. Discounts you don’t want to miss…

How to hand wash your swimwear?

To increase the longevity of your swimwear, it is best to hand wash your swimwear as soon as possible after wear. Washing your swimwear prevents discolouration, stretching, and helps keep its shape by retaining its elasticity. 

  1. Rinse - Best rinsed in cold water to remove any chemicals, chlorine, sea salt, and even body oils. Once rinsed, squeeze as much water as you can out of the fabric and fill the sink with fresh cool water.
  2. Wash - Add a small amount of laundry detergent to the water and gently wash with the solution to remove any leftover contamination. Rinse well with clean water.
  3. Dry - Remove any excess water by squeezing the water out of the fabric and then air dry out of direct sunlight to minimise colour fading.


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