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ladies christmas pyjamas
By Alicia Drinkwater on

Top 5 Gift Ideas For Ladies Christmas Pyjamas

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Christmas is approaching even faster than the last time I wrote about it (I had a great birthday - thank you to no one for asking). This means that it’s time to knuckle down and sort your gifts out. 

Unless you’re naturally blessed with the skill of buying the perfect present for everyone around you, you probably need some help. Whilst I can’t offer a complete miracle solution, I can give you recommendations for a universally well-received present: ladies Christmas pyjamas.

Finding Ladies Christmas Pyjamas

If you think of ladies Christmas pyjamas, you probably think of the obnoxious bright red sets with a giant Santa face on the front (I am not slating these - I own at least two sets like this). Although these are great, it’s nice to mix things up a bit. 

Pyjamas are a relatively safe gift, but that doesn’t mean that thought can’t go into them. We all wear pyjamas, and if the woman you’re buying for is anything like me, she probably loves a good pair of jammies. That’s why it’s nice to actually pick something that goes with her taste, not just the first thing you see.

Where Can I Buy Ladies Christmas Pyjamas?

At BraForMe, we’ve recently introduced a fantastic new range of nightwear, which includes ladies Christmas pyjamas. We don’t have any sets with a giant reindeer on (yet), but we do have a beautiful range of super soft pyjamas that make perfect nightwear options all year round. This means that your present isn’t going to be shoved to the back of the pyjama drawer as soon as the new year hits, and will instead be worn and enjoyed for a very long time. 

So, the answer to where can I buy ladies Christmas pyjamas is this: right here! We offer free standard UK shipping on all orders with a 30-day returns policy, meaning that if you’re not happy with what you’ve ordered, all you’ve got to do is let us know. You can do all of your shopping from the comfort of your own home, meaning that it really is as easy as it can possibly be.

Right, let’s get to the recommendations.

Ladies Christmas Pyjamas Recommendations

  • First up, the Plaid Pyjama Set. This set is a classic winter essential, and with a cosy check print, you really can’t go wrong. Available in Pink or Grey colourways, this makes a great gift for any size or style.

ladies christmas pyjamas
  • Next, for something a bit more sleek, the Satin Pyjama Set. Available in Black or Silver, this set is elegant, sophisticated and super stylish. 

ladies christmas pyjamas
  • Then, the Fleece Pyjama Set (Blue Star is my personal favourite). It’s snuggly, festive and perfect for a lazy Sunday spent watching Christmas films.

ladies christmas pyjamas
  • If you’re looking for something other than a set, try the Oversized Fleece Hooded Cardigan in Grey. Words don’t do this cardigan justice - I mean, just LOOK at it. I can feel it through the screen, and that’s saying something. If you’re searching for a gift for someone who’s always cold, look no further.

ladies christmas pyjamas
  • Finally, dressing gowns. We’ve got a gorgeous selection of dressing gowns, but my favourite is the Sherpa Dressing Gown in Charcoal. Another one that you can feel without touching, this dressing gown is the perfect way to wrap up warm in the winter evenings. 

ladies christmas pyjamas

Buying Ladies Christmas Pyjamas

I could go on all day about our fantastic nightwear collection, but I won't. If none of my recommendations are doing it for you, have a browse through the rest of our ladies Christmas pyjamas collection. If you can't find what you're looking for or need some extra help, feel free to get in contact with us

Psst. Did you know? We ship internationally! No matter where you are, we can provide you with your dream bra. Check out our shipping policy for everything you need to know about timings, prices and returns.


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