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types of womens underwear
By Rebecca Stevens on

Types of Underwear for Women

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It is handy to know the different types of female underwear and knicker styles as you need to ensure you’re comfortable day through to night. Also, so you’re aware of which type of knickers is suitable for certain items of clothing or occasions. To help you out, we have put together a women's underwear styles guide.

From seamless underwear to hide those visible panty lines to sexy ladies thongs, and women's briefs, we are sure there is a style you will prefer after reading this post. Don’t forget we sell a range of premium lingerie brands who produce different knicker styles, including some unique names you might not have heard of before. For example, Van de Velde brands Primadonna and Marie Jo create Rio and Italian briefs (don’t worry we will let you know what these are too!)

Brief/full brief

Let’s start with the less stylish but super comfortable option. Ladies briefs, known as full briefs or even ‘granny pants'. These are a must-have for your lingerie drawer, they are full coverage and create an excellent silhouette. Although they are not the most stylish, they come in a range of pretty/cute designs and patterns. However, if you want that invisible panty line, briefs won’t be your top choice!


Thongs are a favourite among women, with minimal fabric and no coverage at the back, thongs provide the ultimate no VPL seamless look. They come in a range of different fabrics including cotton thongs and lace thongs, which are a sexy lingerie option. 


The style of most bikini swimwear sets, low-rise, high cut on the leg, with slight coverage of your bum. With more coverage than a thong but less than a full brief, bikini underwear is a popular choice.


Perfect option for lounging around in and/or under your mini skirt or dress. Shorts, also known as ‘boy-shorts’ provide an ideal amount of coverage. The length of the sides are wide and sit at the top of your thigh/leg. If you’re wearing a dress or skirt, these are the perfect option, in case any unexpected wind flashes your undergarments.


If a bikini brief and a thong were mixed together. Brazilian briefs are low on the hips and have wide sides. Usually a cut fabric detailing on the back with a seamless edge.


Low-rise and sit on your hips, hipster briefs are a combination of womens shorts and bikini. With more coverage on the leg but not as much as a short, these are great for wearing with low cut bottoms and jeans. 


For more coverage than a thong but a little less than a bikini brief. Tangas are the style in between, providing a seamless look under tight fitting clothing, mini skirts and body con dresses.

High Waist

Some styles of briefs are high-waist, which hug the tummy. Suitable for under high-waist jeans or shorts. You can also get shapewear which is high-waist and a little tighter on the waist to squeeze you in and create a smooth silhouette.


Another way of saying no visible lines or panty lines. Seamless fabrics have no hems/seams creating a flat, smooth look under all clothing. 

Rio and Italian

If you know the Van De Velde group brands, including Primadonna and Marie Jo. You will know they have Rio briefs and Italian briefs. Rio briefs are full coverage and seamless. Italian briefs are a lower rise and reveal a subtle bit of cheek at the back.

Maxi and Midi

These 2 styles are mostly specific to popular brand Sloggi. Maxi briefs are similar to full briefs, whilst being high-rise and high-waist, offering optimal coverage and comfort. Midi briefs have wide sides and sit on your waistline. Usually with seamless edges on the leg openings these are perfect for everyday wear. 

There's a lot we know! Understanding the different types of underwear can be quite confusing. At BraForMe we are always happy to assist you with whatever questions you may have. If you are struggling to find a comfortable brief or the right style that fits perfectly - get in touch and we will be able to point you in the right direction!

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