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Wired Bras: Everything You Need to Know
By Rebecca Stevens on

Wired Bras: Everything You Need to Know

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We all know that all women have unique body shapes, sizes, preferences and styles. So, when it comes to lingerie/underwear, it’s important that we're all getting the necessary benefits from every bra we put on.

Bras do all the handy work of protecting, shaping and ensuring that your breasts are comfortable. Wired and wireless bras have different features, so neither one is better than the other. It's all down to personal preference and what gives you the features that you're looking for.

Why Do Women Wear Bras?

It might seem like an odd question, but why do women wear bras is actually something that many people wonder. Well, each breast is made up of tissue, ligaments, fats and glands. Cooper's ligaments (look at us getting scientific), are the tissue which provides support to the breasts and helps maintain natural shape. 

Without the added support from a bra, the boobs will eventually start to sag or droop, and whilst there's nothing wrong with this, it can actually be pretty uncomfortable and is something that no woman ever wants to happen.

Bras prevent damage to the tissue by holding the breasts in place and minimising movement. So, the answer is that women wear bras for a number of reasons. They're designed to protect the breasts, but they also help keep people comfortable and confident. They give extra support, shape and lift the breasts, and prevent sagging. What's not to love?!

Difference Between Underwire and Wireless Bra

The answer is simple. Bras with wires have a wire running under the cup and wireless bras (as the name suggests) don’t. Wired bras tend to offer support, definition and uplift. They can also reduce back pain due to the extra support provided by the wire. So what do you get from a wireless bra?

Which is Better: An Underwired Bra or a Wireless Bra?

Wireless bras, non-wire bras, or soft cups (whatever you want to call them) are:

  • Typically worn for lounging or sports
  • Slightly less supportive than underwired bras
  • Much more comfortable than underwired bras. So much easier to keep on for the course of a day!

Wired bras:

  • Are great for supporting larger busts
  • Can get uncomfortable quite quickly
  • Can deteriorate faster - if the wire starts poking out, it's time to invest in a new bra!

Are Wireless Bras Better?

Whilst wireless bras are longer lasting and arguably much more comfortable, they're not necessarily better than wired bras. Neither are limited to a size, material or style, so it’s completely down to personal preference and what you want from your bra! 

Here at BraForMe, we offer wireless bras all the way up to a K cup. We supply a variety of shapes, styles and materials, meaning that we’ve got you covered no matter your size. Comfortable bras, strapless bras, lace bras… You name it, we’ve got it. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, our team are always on hand to help you find what you need.

What to Do When Your Bra Wire Comes Out

Due to the design and potential quality of an wired bra, excessive movement or washing can cause the underwire to poke through or come out of the fabric. If this happens, it's recommended that you replace your bra. Wire coming out of an wired bra is a likely sign that it's been over worn, so it's time to get something new.

Can Underwire Bras Cause Armpit Pain?

Yes, wired bras can cause armpit pain. If the cups are too small for your breasts, the wiring won't be sitting where it's meant to be (underneath your breast). When the cups are too small, the wiring won't contain all of the breast tissue (and will probably sit on it), which can cause pressure, breast pain and underarm pain. 

Wearing the right bra size is so important in preventing any damage to the breasts. You can find out How to Measure Your Bra Size here

Do Women With Large Breasts Need to Wear An Underwired Bra?

Women with large breasts don't necessarily need to wear an wired bra, but it is highly recommended. Wired bras provide extra support and give shape to the breasts, ensuring that they remain in place and don't sag. Full cup bras with side support are an excellent choice for plus size boobs, as they cover the entire breast and give additional support under the arm and back.

    Wired Bra Recommendations:

    fantasie fusion full cup side support bra white


    elomi cate full cup bra white

    Wireless Bra Recommendations:

    wacoal embrace lace

    fantasie envisage

    Taking the Plunge (Literally)

    To conclude, both wired and wireless bras have different features that make them both equally beneficial depending on what you're looking for. If you're looking for comfort (which is a great starting point when bra shopping), then wireless bras are the best way to achieve this. If you're looking for more support (which is also a great starting point), then wired bras are probably the way to go. If there's anything you're unsure about, feel free to get in touch with us here

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