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We all know that a bra is a statement: it's the must crucial part of your wardrobe and it should make you feel amazing. No matter your style, size or shape, we guarantee that we've got a bra that'll make you say 'that's the Bra For Me'. Shop our stunning collection of bras here.

Let's talk about bras!

Every woman has a unique shaped figure, which means everyone’s boobs/breasts are all different shapes and sizes. A bra is a necessity to all women, whether a bralette, high impact sports bra or full cup underwired bra, bras are an essential item. A women's boobs change shape all the time due to lots of different reasons. Whether you’ve lost weight, put on weight, are pregnant or had recent breast surgery there is a style of bra suitable for you that will provide excellent support, comfort and fit for any occasion. 

It is really important to wear a bra that fits correctly. If you are wearing the wrong size bra you could be causing yourself unnecessary damage without realising it. Including back pain, shoulder strain, tissue damage and skin soreness/irritation. A very high percentage of women are wearing the wrong size bra (shocking we know) and many haven’t been measured properly in recent years. We highly recommend getting measured by a professional before searching for your next bra.

A Simple Guide to Bra Styles -

PLUNGE BRA Perfect for wearing underneath low-cut clothing. With a deep V neckline, a plunge bra enhances your cleavage. The straps sit wider on the shoulder and the cups are angled which support and uplift.

BALCONY BRA The cups on a balcony bra or balconette bras sit in line across your chest, the straps are wider set and join at the side of the cup rather than the centre point. Balcony bras have less coverage than a plunge, so are more suitable for women with smaller busts.

PUSH-UP BRA A push up bra has additional padding at the bottom of the cups to push your boobs up and together. They give you a fuller cleavage and enhance your silhouette, perfect for those with a smaller cup size.

PADDED BRA A padded bra has subtle padding in the cups to create a round silhouette under clothing. The padding also gives extra support and comfort, and creates a fuller look, enhancing your cleavage.

NON-PADDED BRA Bras with no additional padding to show off your natural boob shape, the cups are usually made from soft materials or lace fabrics with nice detailing. Non-padded are popular for women with a larger bust as they don’t create a fuller look.

STRAPLESS AND MULTIWAY Bras with no straps, or the option to wear your straps in multiple ways. These bras are great for under strapless dresses or racerback tops. Strapless bras are bandeau like but cup your boobs to hold them in place with no slippage. Multiway bras can be worn in different ways, such as halter neck and racerback to ensure the straps are hidden under specific outfits.

TSHIRT BRAS Similar to padded bras, a t-shirt bra is to be worn under clothing when you want a smooth silhouette. They are more classic, and simple without lace or any detailing on the cups to ensure that smooth appearance.

SIDE SUPPORT A bra with side-support is preferable for plus-size women, with a bigger band and cup size. They have more support in the cups for additional comfort and to prevent any ‘overhang.’

SPORTS BRAS To give you support whenever at the gym or doing any physical, sporting activity. Available as low, medium, and high impact styles depending on the level of fitness you are performing.

NURSING AND MATERNITY BRAS Bras for women during and post pregnancy. Nursing bras have detachable straps which are connected to the top of the cups with clips, making it easier to pull down the cup to breastfeed. Maternity bras don’t have the strap feature and are usually worn during pregnancy to give maximum support to your boobs as they grow and change shape.

MASTECTOMY BRAS A post surgery bra predominantly for women who have had breast surgery or a breast removed. Usually non-wired and made from soft fabrics to prevent any irritation or further damage. 

MINIMISER BRAS Minimiser bras create the illusion of smaller bust for those with a larger cup size. Specially designed to compress the breast to create a smooth appearance and no bunching under clothing. If you have been blessed with big boobs but prefer them to be kept discreet, we suggest trying a minimizer bra. Usually with wider straps for extra support, a minimiser bra will provide maximum comfort.