Sizing and Fitting for Sports Bras

The same applies to sports bras as it does normal bras, in that your size is the same in both. Unlike most places, our sports bras are sold by cup size instead of clothes size, so there’s no need for size conversions and you can guarantee that you’re going to get the best fit.

The fit: a sports bra should fit snug, but not be too tight. It should be tighter than your normal bra, but not to the point of being uncomfortable. You should be able to do the finger test: if you can’t get two fingers in between the straps and the shoulders, then it doesn’t fit properly. 

Tips: If it wrinkles, it doesn’t fit. Wrinkles and extra room in the cup are good indicators that the cup is too large. Smooth fabric = the right bra! Alternatively, like a regular bra, if you’re overflowing, then the bra is too small.


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