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By Alicia Drinkwater on

Finding the Most Comfortable Bras

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Whilst we're all looking for different things from our underwear, comfort is probably the one thing we can all agree on. There's lots of questions and things to consider when searching for comfortable bras, so let's get to it.

If you're wondering how comfortable particular bra styles are, wonder no more...

Are Sports Bras Comfortable?

Sports bras are very comfortable, providing you get the right size, style and impact level. However, a sports bra doesn’t offer the same support as a normal bra, so be mindful that everyday wear is not good for breast tissue.

Are Strapless Bras Comfortable?

Strapless bras aren’t meant to be uncomfortable: they should feel just like a normal bra, minus the straps. As long as you get a good strapless bra that is the correct size, it should be firm and comfortable.

Are Lace Bras Comfortable?

Good lace bras will be extremely comfortable. But this is the case with *any* bra: if it’s good quality, the right fit and the right style for your breast shape, then it should be comfortable. Lace also has the added bonus of feeling beautiful and soft against the skin!

Are Longline Bras Comfortable?

Longline bras have so many benefits: they’re comfortable, they help to support the shoulders and back by distributing the breast tissue more efficiently and they smooth the silhouette. Perfect for shaping, support and comfort!

Are Push Up Bras Comfortable?

A good push up bra should also be comfortable. Yes, push up bras are about the lift and cleavage, but if this is coming at the price of pure pain, then it’s not a good bra. It’s also advised not to wear push up bras daily, and instead opt for something with better support.

Identifying Comfortable Bras

So, in case it wasn't already clear, a GOOD bra, no matter the style, should be comfortable! However, there are some features that will make a bra more comfortable than others, such as:

  • Being wireless
  • Having soft cups
  • Being made with a material that is either soft, flexible, breathable or all three!
  • Having additional support features such as side support or wide straps

How to Make Bras More Comfortable

If your bra isn’t feeling comfortable, it could be because:

  • It doesn’t fit you properly or you haven’t adjusted it correctly

If your bra isn’t comfortable, size and fit are the most obvious answers as to why. Firstly, double check your size. When was the last time you took your measurements? Are there any clear signs that you’re not fitting in your bra? If you’re over spilling, no way near to filling the cups or struggling to do up the loosest closure, then you have your answer.

Start with our guide to how to measure for bra size to make sure that your bra is definitely in line with your measurements. Then, head to how should a bra fit. We’ve broken the fit down into sections of the bra and explained how to tell if each part is fitting correctly, alongside what to do if it doesn’t. Finding the right size and fit is usually a process, so don’t give up if it doesn’t happen the first time

  • It’s not suited to your breast shape…

This may not be something you’ve considered, but your breast shape is so important in determining how a bra fits and feels. Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue what shape you are (it takes a lot of looking, questioning and comparing to every illustration you can find on Google), because we’ve put together everything you need to understand your shape. Start with our guide to boob shapes and then continue to what bra style is best for you.

  • It’s not a good bra!

The key thing to remember is that a good bra doesn’t have to cost you the world, BUT it is absolutely something that you should invest in. Good quality bras take time, cost money to make and effort to craft, so you should be willing to spend some money to get the right one.

Where to Buy Comfortable Bras

At BraForMe, we’ve got a fantastic range of comfortable bras. From wireless bralettes to t-shirt bras with sturdy support, we’ve got it all. Here’s what we recommend and why:

Everyday Comfortable Bra

This beautiful bralette is the perfect solution to daily comfort without sacrificing support or style. Coming in a subtle rose colourway with moulded soft cups, removable padding and a flexible fit, this bralette is designed to feel light, airy and breathable. Designed with spacer fabric, bonded edges and absolutely zero wires, it’s so comfortable you’ll forget it’s even on.

Comfortable Seamless Bra

Sloggi’s ZERO Feel is another best-selling comfortable collection, and it's not hard to see why. Featuring light padding, smooth lining and 3D-ZERO-quality fabric, this wireless bralette has everything you need to stay supported and incredibly comfy all day long. It's also made with extra wide straps and dot-bonding technology, so not only is it extra supportive, but it's also completely seamless. Perfect for wearing underneath tight clothing.

Comfortable T-Shirt Bra

Whilst wireless is undoubtedly going to make the best comfortable bra, some of us might want wire for extra support and that's absolutely fine, it doesn't mean that you won't be comfortable! We recommend the Rebecca Essentials Moulded Spacer Bra in Cinnamon (although there's a few colours to choose from if this isn't you). Designed with a spacer mould, full cup coverage and flexible edging, this bra offers a rounded shape, secure fit and plenty of comfort. The cups are also seamless, so this is another great bra for wearing under tight-fitting clothing.

Finding a Comfortable Bra

We've covered everything we can think of, but have you got a question we've missed? Or do you feel like you need some extra guidance? Get in contact with us. We're available to call, email or text and we love to chat about all things underwear. It's time to find you the perfect comfortable bra!

Psst. Did you know? We ship internationally! No matter where you are, we can provide you with your dream bra. Check out our shipping policy for everything you need to know about timings, prices and returns.


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