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By Alicia Drinkwater on

Freshers Week: Wearing Underwear as Outerwear

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It’s (nearly) Freshers Week! How exciting. Let’s get you prepared with a guide to wearing underwear as outerwear.

Freshers Week 2022

For those of you starting to get yourselves ready for Freshers 2022, first of all, well done for getting into university! Second of all, I know that it's pretty daunting and scary, but it’s also really exciting at the same time. Whilst you’ve got a lot going on and probably a fair amount of adjusting to do, Freshers Week is for having fun, meeting new people and enjoying yourself! So, concentrate on the exciting parts, like what to wear…

At BraForMe, we’re big on the underwear as outerwear trend. It’s playful, different and gives you the opportunity to show off your beautiful underwear. After all, why should you have to hide something that deserves to be seen?!

What to Wear to Freshers

Now, we’ve all been university students... You’re bound to opt for the cheapest underwear and it’s probably going to break after a few short wears - I personally am very guilty of having done this. Which is why I want you to learn from my (and many others’) mistakes.

My top tip is to invest in a good lingerie set. 

You really don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to find a good set of underwear (unless you want to, of course). Stylish underwear doesn’t have to break the bank and the bonus of spending a little bit more than a tenner is that it’s actually going to support and flatter your body. So even if you're not wearing your underwear as outerwear, a good bra is going to do wonders for your outfit.

However, make sure you don’t go blind into bra shopping. If you’ve never measured yourself before or haven’t been measured for a while, this is your sign to do so. I didn’t get measured until my second year of university and when I did, I found out that I’d been wearing a bra three cup sizes too small. It was as uncomfortable as it sounds and completely explains why I hated bras for most of my adolescent life.

Luckily for you, I've got a really handy set of guides to understanding How to Measure Your Bra Size, How Should a Bra FitBoob Shapes and Types of Bras. Follow these from the comfort of your bedroom and then go wild!

Best Underwear as Outerwear

Whilst it’s super important to have a good set anyway, it’s extra important if you want to wear your underwear as outerwear. Plus, it means you really get your money’s worth!

My personal favourite brand for underwear as outerwear is Gossard. They offer a range of fabulous bodysuits, alongside stunning plunge bralettes that would be criminal not to share. My Gossard recommendations also happen to be on sale, so take advantage of a bargain and grab them whilst you can.

  • First up is the Glitter Plunge Bralette in Black. This beautiful bralette is designed with gated back detailing, a front fastening hook-and-eye closure AND a plunge neckline. Everything you need for a fun, flirty look, with extra glitter!

gossard glitter plunge bralette black
  • Next, we've got two bodies. There's the Femme Body in Black, or if you want to continue with the sparkle theme, go for the Glitter Body in Black. Both bodies are sexy, chic and have just the right amount of sheer panelling, making them the perfect choice to spice up a jeans and heels combination.

  • Need some colour? The Superboost Lace Deep V Bralette in Vivacious is the one for you. It's designed just like the Glitter Bralette with a deep neckline, gated back and front fastening detail, only in a wonderfully bright pink colour! A great option for adding a pop of colour to an outfit.

  • Finally, to throw a different brand in the mix, a fantastic choice to pair with a mesh top is Freya's Signature Padded Plunge Bra in Chilli Red. The bold red colourway is ultimate way to make your mesh stand out, and with a padded plunge style, you're guaranteed to get an incredible cleavage too.

freya signature chilli red padded plunge bra

How to Style Underwear as Outerwear

  1. Wear underneath a mesh top. Sheer tops, blouses, dresses etc. are the perfect way to show off some of your underwear.
  2. Pair with high-waisted jeans and add an oversized blazer or jacket if you want some extra coverage. A body with jeans and heels is bang on-trend right now.
  3. Find a two piece shirt and trousers set. Pop some buttons and show off your bra! A great choice to customise how much you want to reveal.

All of these options can be dressed up or down, too. If you're not feeling heels, don't wear them! Stick on some cute boots with a skirt and you're good to go. Wearing underwear as outerwear is totally down to your own style and there is never one set way of doing things. So, wear it however you think looks good - confidence is the best accessory to any lingerie, after all.

And if there's anything I've missed or a style that you're dying to tell me about, get in touch here! Happy Freshers Week.

Psst. Did you know? We ship internationally! No matter where you are, we can provide you with your dream bra. Check out our shipping policy for everything you need to know about timings, prices and returns.


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