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sleep in a bra - sloggi zero feel bralette
By Alicia Drinkwater on

Sleep In a Bra: Your Questions Answered

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I don’t remember when I was told not to sleep in a bra but I do know that it has been etched in my brain pretty much since I started wearing them. It’s a common opinion that sleeping in a bra is detrimental for a number of reasons, but is this actually the case?

Some people actually argue that to sleep in a bra helps to keep them more comfortable and rest better, so what’s fact and what’s a myth? Let’s find out…

Is It Bad to Sleep With a Bra On?

The answer is no, it’s not actually bad to sleep in a bra. Despite what all the old wives’ tales would have you think, sleeping with a bra on isn’t detrimental to your breast health and will not stunt growth.

However, you should consider how sleeping with a bra on could potentially cause irritation or discomfort. Many people sweat more during the night (especially if you’re menopausal - ask my mother!), meaning that if you’re wearing a thicker bra with padding or underwiring, you’re likely to get a build-up of sweat, leading to skin irritation.

This also applies if you’re wearing a bra that’s too tight for you, as this can restrict circulation and cause discomfort. However, a bra that’s too tight for you is more of a general problem with the fit and not when it is that you’re wearing it, so if you’re struggling with this, head straight to our guides on bra fitting.

Is It Good to Sleep With a Bra On?

Whilst it’s not necessarily bad to sleep in a bra, there’s also nothing to say that it has any benefits. The flip side of the debate around sleeping with a bra on is that it prevents sagging, but this isn’t the case (according to science - check out Healthline’s in-depth article). There’s no overarching evidence that sleeping in a bra has any positive or negative consequences, leaving it up to personal preference.

Should You Sleep With a Bra On?

So, if there’s no bad (or good) reason to sleep in a bra, should you do it? Well, just like wearing a bra in the first place, this is completely up to you.

Some women say that sleeping with a bra on helps them to feel more comfortable and secure throughout the night. If this sounds like you and you’re in need of more support, then why not try sleeping in a bra?

Others find the complete opposite: it’s uncomfortable and restrictive. Personally, this is how I feel. Days into starting at BraForMe, we measured my boobs and found the right style of bra for me (what else are you meant to do with your work colleagues?), which made me realise that if you’re wearing the correct size and style, bras aren’t actually uncomfortable at all.

However, I still, and will always, love the feeling of taking a bra off after a long day. It’s probably down to associating going braless with rest, but I absolutely cannot sleep in a bra. Whilst my boobs are on the larger side, I find it much more comfortable to let them breathe (definitely not the right word) at nightime. Sleeping in a bra isn’t going to prevent sagging, so if you’re not comfortable, there’s really no need.

Can You Get Cancer From Sleeping With a Bra On?

No, you can’t get breast cancer from sleeping with a bra on. Claims have been made that wired bras can cause cancer by obstructing lymph flow, but there isn’t any scientific evidence to back this up. If you do decide to sleep in a bra, you don’t need to worry about increasing your chance of breast cancer.

No matter what you decide to sleep in, you should always continue to regularly check your breasts. Have a peek at my post on Breast Cancer Awareness, which will provide you with everything you need to know to check your boobs properly.

Bras For Sleeping In

If you’re going to sleep in a bra, let’s make sure it’s a good one. We all know by now that different bras have different features and will be more suited to various sizes and shapes than others. So, what should you look out for?

  • Soft cup or non-wired bras. If you’ve read my Types of Bras guide, you’ll know that soft cup means wireless. Whilst underwired bras are more supportive, this is definitely only something you need in the daytime. Bras are going to be much more comfortable, less restrictive and easier to sleep in if they’re wireless.
  • Bralettes. Bralettes are one of the most comfortable bra styles out there, made to provide support without sacrificing any comfort. They’re usually wireless, making them perfect for ensuring some extra security whilst you sleep.
  • Comfort bras. Whilst there’s lots of confusing terms out there in the lingerie world, comfort isn’t one of them. If you see a bra with ‘comfort’ in the title, it means exactly that.
  • Softer materials. This is another easy one to guess why, but bras made from softer, lightweight materials are less likely to cause any irritation and are sure to keep you comfortable all night long. Look out for cotton especially.

It’s also really important to note that you shouldn’t sleep in the same bra you’ve worn all day. Whilst there’s nothing to stop you from wearing the same style, you should definitely switch bras for hygiene purposes. Over the course of the day, your body naturally produces sweat, bacteria and oils, which will end up on your bra (delightful), so changing your bra to sleep in will reduce the risk of these substances building up and causing skin irritation.

Recommendations For a Comfortable Bra to Sleep In

I actually have a whole post dedicated to comfortable bras - you're welcome!

For some quick options, try:

  • Sloggi’s Double Comfort Top. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times, but if you’re ever looking for the perfect combination of comfort and support, head straight to Sloggi.
sloggi double comfort top black
  • Anita’s Clara Comfort Soft Bra. Designed to provide support for fuller busts, this bra features wide straps, firm support and a full cup shape. Available in sizes B-H, this is a great one to ensure some added security without sacrificing any comfort.

anita clara soft cup bra crystal

  • One of our latest arrivals, Wacoal’s Raffine Bralette. With stretch lace, lined cups and stretch mesh, this bra offers a flexible fit and light support.

wacoal raffine bralette black

Help and Advice

As always, if there’s anything you’re still wondering or worried about, feel free to get in contact with us. Our dedicated team is always on hand to help and we want to make sure that you’re wearing the perfect bra, morning or night.

Psst. Did you know? We ship internationally! No matter where you are, we can provide you with your dream bra. Check out our shipping policy for everything you need to know about timings, prices and returns.


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