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Sloggi Zero Feel Lace Bralette
By Alicia Drinkwater on

What is a Wireless Bra? | Making the Switch to a Wireless Bra

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Are you forever irritated by your bra digging into you? Desperate to take it off the moment you get home? Here’s everything you need to know about switching to a wireless bra. 

What’s the Difference Between a Wired and Wireless Bra?

The answer is simple. Bras with underwire have a wire running under the cup and wireless bras (as the name suggests) don’t. Underwire tends to offer support, definition and uplift. They can also reduce back pain due to the extra support provided by the wire. So what do you get from a wireless bra?

Which is Better: a Wired or Wireless Bra?

Wireless bras, non-wire bras, or soft cups (whatever you want to call them) are:

  • Typically worn for lounging or sports
  • Slightly less supportive than underwired bras
  • Much more comfortable than underwired bras. So much easier to keep on for the course of a day!

Underwired bras:

  • Are great for supporting larger busts
  • Can get uncomfortable quite quickly
  • Can deteriorate faster - if the wire starts poking out, it's time to invest in a new bra!

Most people, however, choose this level of discomfort and stick with the underwire. Not only do they support larger busts, but they’re usually associated with more options. Plunge, strapless, lace, you name it. Wireless bras are typically seen as being more limited in choice, but this really isn’t the case…

Are Wireless Bras Better?

Not only are wireless bras longer lasting, they are indisputably more comfortable. They’re not limited to a size, material or style, either. It’s completely down to personal preference and what you want from your bra! 

Here at BraForMe, we offer wireless bras all the way up to a K cup! We supply a variety of shapes, styles and materials, meaning that we’ve got you covered no matter your size. Comfortable bras, strapless bras, lace bras… You name it, we’ve got it. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, our team are always on hand to help you find what you need!

Best Wireless Bras

Wireless Push Up Bra:

Sloggi’s Zero Feel Bralette Top in Royal Blue

For a Wireless Push Up bra, this is the one. It's designed to make you feel completely light and free, whilst also giving you a helpful push up! The wide sides and back offer full support, with flat edges and seams to remain undetectable under your clothes. Perfect for everyday wear.

Plus Size Wireless Bra:

Triumph’s Doreen Classic Full Cup Bra

This Plus Size Wireless bra has everything. Coming in either black, white, or skin colour, it also goes all the way up to a K cup. And to top it off, it comes in lace OR cotton. That’s right, a wireless lace bra going all the way up to a K cup! So if you need a wireless bra for a large bust, this is the one for you. 

Wireless Sports Bra:

Anita’s Extreme Control Sports Bra in Heather Grey

This Wireless Sports bra comes in full cup style, with everything you could need from a sports bra. Designed with three section cups and a wide side sling, it offers full support for your workout. It also has breathable fabric and adjustable straps which are ergonomically shaped to ensure a comfortable fit (super soft and super fancy)! 

Pink Wireless Bra:

Wacoal’s Lace Perfection Non Wired Bralette in Cerise

Not only does this pink Wireless Bralette feature adjustable straps and an underband elastic for extra support, it’s also beautiful! With its lace detail and scalloped edging, it feels ultra feminine and sexy. The elasticated underband also provides a natural uplift - win win! 

Taking the Plunge

Comfort is a great starting point when shopping for bras: we all deserve to feel cosy in our underwear! A wireless bra is the best way to achieve this, and most importantly, it doesn't have to be boring or restrictive. Comfort is the starting point of wireless bras, the rest is full of possibilities. So, what are you waiting for? Go and find the bra that makes you feel amazing!

Psst. Did you know? We ship internationally! No matter where you are, we can provide you with your dream bra. Check out our shipping policy for everything you need to know about timings, prices and returns.


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